It’s nearly October, the month which (where I live) the leaves begin to fall, decorations appear and thousands of banal conversations are had about pumpkin spice and how Christmas ads start earlier every year.  It’s the last part that scares me the most, as much as any monster, murderer or fictional Beastie ever could.  Well, maybe not ANY, as the final scene of ‘Paranormal Activity’ still creeps me out, as does Mano Tiki Tia from that one Scooby-Doo episode, leading to today’s unnerving query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) only asks that we don’t play the “NOTHIN’ SCARES ME!” card, as we’re not The Little Rascals and that sorta bravado is embarrassing, asking: What scares you (or has scared you) the MOST in pop culture?


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  1. Spiders. I can’t help it, they really freak me out even though I know that the ones in my area are harmless. So when I see a spider on TV or movies or something, I get panicked even if it is a cutesy cartoon spider. The sad part is my favorite Marvel hero is Spider-Man. Go figure!

    I also cannot watch most hospital dramas or medical documentaries because they give me nightmares. I’m a childhood cancer survivor, and some of those shows make me have nightmares that are slightly twisted versions of memories of traumatic experiences from that time. I can watch the goriest and most disturbing monster and horror movies and not flinch, but medical programs can give me nightmares that will prevent me from sleeping well for a week or two.

  2. I’m not usually a fan of horrors, per se, but I did see the ‘Exocrsim of Emily Rose’ and there’s that one scene where she’s away at college, and her boyfriend is sleeping over, and he wakes at 3am but she’s not in the bed, and he when he looks for her, she’s… aaagh!

  3. I suffer from self diagnosed Levia-phobia. I’m terrified of Plesiosauruses specifically, and most large aquatic predators in general.
    You would think this is not that bad, but it comes up more often then you would think, being extinct and all.

    I’m mostly fine for books/comics, and most video games where you don’t have to get in the water with them. However if you have to go in the water then even the hint of them makes me panic.

    Unrelated to my phobia, Cosmic Horror typically does it for me.

  4. The ants scenes from the Animorphs. And that scene from the Spider-Man 2 video game where you’re in Mysterio’s funhouse and warped mirror versions of Spider-Man keep creeping out the window to attack him.
    I had to keep pausing the game to get through that bit.

  5. Exorcist is truly creepy, even if I dont believe in that stuff. Kids and animals in horror always get me, because its hard to believe they can act stuff like that, so it feels more real.

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