Thanks to BBC America’s barrage of Doctor Who (including some classic stories, even if they are the Fourth Doctor) has me reminiscing about the denizens of TARDIS past.  I found great joy in the Tenth Doctor’s interactions with Rose Tyler, but still loved how he played off Martha Jones.  The Eleventh Doctor had great chemistry with Clara Oswald, but also some great episodes featuring Rory and Amelia Pond-Williams, while the Fourth Doctor had something like six classic companion combinations in his day.  I’ve even come around to enjoying the Sixth Doctor’s lesser companion, Melanie Bush these days, which leads us to today’s time-and-space-spanning query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still has great love for Jamie McCrimmon, whose tenure as a companion is longer than several Doctors’ runs, asking: Which crew is the perfect TARDIS crew to your mind?


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  1. Ian, Barbara, and Vikki

    Ian and Barbara because I liked the way the teachers had their own authority & agency which was on par with the Doctor, and Vikki because she screamed less than Susan.

  2. If my preferred team from Doctor Who Legacy is any indication, then my ideal TARDIS crew would be Jenny Flint, Jenny The Doctor’s Daughter, Rory Williams, Sarah Jane Smith and Handles the Cyberman head. Unfortunately, Jamie McCrimmon isn’t available or he would likely be there as well.

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