Once again, the adult film industry has beaten Hollywood to the punch in bringing comics biggest heroes to the screen. In this case, Vivid Entertainment has announced the Wonder Woman XXX parody by Axel Braun is finally available.

Axel Braun, who has directed most of adult parodies of comic book properties has taken Kimberly Kane and turned her into the warrior princess.

The sexualized storyline of the new masterpiece of erotic entertainment leads our Amazon heroine into contact with Angleman, Dr. Fate, Fate’s wife Maddy, Killer Frost, Batman, Ares, Lois Lane, Cheetah and Superman.

axel-braun-wonder-womanPorn parodies have been around forever – often with more clever titles than Wonder Woman XXX. Because of parody laws, the adult film industry has been able to take characters like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and Batgirl and turn them into pornographic fare. While parody generally invokes thoughts of laughter, many of the adult films have featured more straight (pardon the pun) storylines that lead to sex, rather than laugh filled romps through the bedroom. Though if you’ve seen Ron Jeremy try to play the Penguin, there are quite a number of laughs to be had.

“With Wonder Woman XXX we really wanted to have some fun,” said Braun. “Despite the moody lighting and dramatic settings, this is a really hilarious, tongue-in-cheek movie, with a phenomenal Kimberly Kane purposely overacting every line with a straight face and Ryan Driller pulling double duty as both Superman and the inept super villain Angleman. Everything about the movie is slightly over-the-top and that’s just what makes it totally awesome.”

This is not the first time Wonder Woman has appeared in adult films. The character has been used multiple times in adult films involving DC characters.  Interestingly, we first saw Kimberly Kane don the Wonder Woman costume in a 2013 still image that circulated around the Intardwebz and had fans marveling at how great Kane looked in costume.

kimberly kane wonder woman porn

Why did it take two years for this film to be released? Turns out director Axel Braun parted ways with Vivid back in 2013 leaving a stockpile of movies at the company’s warehouse. Wonder Woman XXX is getting released now, and next year we can expect to see The Avengers vs. X-Men XXX parody arrive on store shelves… and the Internet, because really, who buys porn at stores anymore?

Additional cast members include Penny Pax as Batgirl, Kristen Price as Lois Lane, Claire Robbins as Maddy, Melody Jordan as Cheetah, Evan Stone as Ares, Eric Masterson as Dr. Fate and Ana Foxxx as Kianna.

Between 2011 and 2012 the superhero adult film parody genre reached a peak, but has gone limp since then. Is it too little, too late for the Wonder Woman XXX film to get people interested in naked superheroes?  If the adult film industry is ahead of the H’wood curve, is this a portent of things to come with our favorite superhero flicks?

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