Force Friday is a bit of a memory, but it did arrive nipping at the heals of the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast episode of Star Trek. While we bring this poll of the week up every year or so, it is interesting to read the comments you share on which is the best, and with all the new readers arriving each day, it is time for you to weigh in in the comment section below.


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  1. Star Trek hands down. In Star Wars defense there isn’t as many hours of video content. However all I can say is DS9, just had everything I want in a show.

  2. There’s a different way to word this question –

    Which do you like better Science Fiction or Fantasy?

    Star Trek is Science Fiction. It is looking at the human condition, how science can influence the human condition for better or worse, and addressing “current” issues within the narrative.

    Star Wars is Fantasy. It is a fantastical world with magic and monsters, where the hero trains under the tutelage of a wise master, saves the day, and learns important lessons in the process. Later inclusions to the series have tried to sci-fi up the magical nature, but they’ve been mainly met with derision (midichlorians anyone?) or have been thrown to the wayside.

    I enjoyed Star Wars as a child, but Star Trek has always held primacy in my heart. I was 3 when Next Generation started, and I grew up watching it. I learned how to deal with conflict from Captain Picard, enjoy the insanity going on around me from Riker, marvel at the intricacies of human nature with Data, and how to listen to others from Guinan. Star Wars showed me how to be a hero, but Star Trek taught me how to be a human.

  3. Brenning Dragonbred on

    Both franchises are amazingly deep and engaging across various mediums, but in the end I cannot help but have a slightly more deep love for Star Wars. Star Trek, in most incarnations, is more of a pure sci-fi story, where Star Wars is a little sci-fi, a little fantasy and a little bit mythology with a twist among other things. Both are great, both have chapters I love and chapters I loathe, and both appeal to me on various levels. But I just find Star Wars the most enjoyable of the two, though only by a slim margin.

  4. As a kid I was a much bigger fan of the Star Wars franchise. But as I’ve gotten older and Lucas has tampered with his movies more, I have found a lot more love for the Star Trek Universe and franchise.

  5. Star Wars edged ahead by virtue of how awesome lightsabers are. Honest;y, I’m a fan of both. As GeorgeDubya mentioned, they cover both Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which scratches a couple big itches for me.

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