Way back in 2010, I was the biggest proponent of Apple’s iPad, but even with the ability to carry 10,000 digital comics in the palm of my hand, the biggest problem was that comic readers were never getting a 1:1 reading experience. Apple solved that today with the introduction of the iPad Pro.

With a 12.9-inch diagonal display, the screen on the new iPad Pro is now larger than a normal comic book. With millions of pixels, and the ability to zoom in even more, digital comic book reading is going to be an even better experience.  Now instead of the constant zooming in and out to read my favorite comic, I can see it in as good a resolution as the print version selling at my local comic shop.

It seems like we are experiencing a brand new day in comics just like we did five years ago.

But at what cost?

The 128GB system will set you back $950 when it arrives in November, which may seem like a lot for someone just buying the iPad Pro to read comics. But who uses their iPad to just read comics? Gaming, art, video editing and more are going to run spectacularly on this new system.

What do you think of the iPad Pro announcement? Are you ready to plunk down your money to grab a new iPad Pro?



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  1. For the price a Microsoft Surface Pro is a much better deal. Also I heard that you cant buy comics in the app on the iPad.

  2. As much as I’d like to have 1:1 ratio of page, cost will be prohibitive for me and I bet most of the people for limited uses it will have compared to legit computer. I would need to be in completely different income class to whip out almost 1000 dollars for something thats just “nice to have”.

  3. The iPad “Pro” is nothing more then a Apple branded Surface RT at Surface Pro prices. That said I’m sure the internet sill still love it.
    Comixology has been running on Surface RTs and Pros for 3 years beautify, completely avoiding the functionality stopping the iOs versions saw.

  4. I’m really excited about the iPad Pro. My Macbook Air is starting to show signs of old age, and I’ll be looking to replace it within the next year or so. The Pro looks like a pretty good replacement option, what with being able to display digital comics (and RPG PDFs!) and the drawing capabilities look pretty great to me.

  5. The new ipad pro is a good and fast but when it comes to mobile studio, you can’t rely on this. Since most of the artist still using the most expensive Wacom companion 2 as portable with 2000+ pressure sensitivity. There’s an app that can make the ipad as cintiq but you also need a pressure sensitivity stylus to make things work and a Mac system.. Apple pencil still lacks of pressure sensitivity. I think the only thing this tablet will work is only to draw but when it comes to coloring, it can’t handle and most of the artist depend on adobe photoshop. A sketchbook pro or mobile is also an alternative on photoshop but its not a user friendly and a pain in the ass because you need to memorize a lot of tools compared to photoshop that you only need the basic, lasso,wand,brush and paint bucket. On the other hand, Surface pro 3 is an alternative but the problem is the pressure sensitivity. However, you can also get of both of this if you only doing an art as hobbyist. :)

  6. Meanwhile we will still be printing comics. Having a physical book in your hands just doesn’t compare to being blinded by pixels, the book wins every time.

    Create it digitally for sure, but print it to enjoy it.

  7. I have a Dell XPS 12 which has a 1080p flip-screen and allows reading comics at pretty much comic book size. I’m curious how much the new iPad weighs because the weight of the original iPad made it uncomfortable to read on (a lighter Nook is much more pleasant for books) and the weight of my Dell is pretty high. As I’m older and busier, I don’t have as much time as I’d like for comics. I’ve found despite having lots of digital comics, I don’t read them so much, and if I make a note to buy digital comics, I never do. But if I buy the physical ones, I always do read them. And I hate having my collection for a title 50% physical and 50% digital. That said, I’d be quite interested to see how the new iPad does comics, and because I’m older an busier I might be able to afford one. Though that price is really very high for what I’d use it for; it’s certainly not something I won’t have to consider carefully.

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