In this Culture Club episode, we attempt to discuss the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer but end up talking about how bad Man of Steel is, and why Zack Snyder is not a good filmmaker.

Later we manage to talk about other things, like how bad Batman v Superman is going to be (because of Zack Snyder) and how good Suicide Squad COULD be (because of David Ayer). Go see Fury. Peter talks about Elite: Dangerous, we discuss the promise of VR.

Dope, which is back in theatres for a limited time, is George’s favorite movie of the year (along with Mad Max). Go see it.

“Remember, kids, being a nerd means relentlessly criticizing everything you claim to love.”

The book for Episode 00010 is The Grace Of Kings by Ken Liu.

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George Chimples comes from the far future, where comics are outlawed and only outlaws read comics. In an effort to prevent that horrible dystopia from ever coming into being, he has bravely traveled to the past in an attempt to change the future by ensuring that comics are good. Please do not talk to him about grandfather paradoxes. He likes his comics to be witty, trashy fun with slightly less pulp than a freshly squeezed glass of OJ. George’s favorite comic writers are Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison, while his preferred artists are Guy Davis and Chris Bachalo, He loves superheroes, but also enjoys horror, science fiction, and war comics. You can follow him @TheChimples on Twitter for his ramblings regarding comics, Cleveland sports, and nonsense.


  1. I love this show and I am so glad you guys are on the main feed otherwise I would have never heard it. I am only reading ‘The Expanse’ books because listening to you guys helped to remind me its been way way too long since my last novel. I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember but sometimes life gets in the way. So thanks for pushing me back into a giant stack of pages.

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