There’s been Deadpool vs zombies, Deadpool vs Wolverine, Deadpool vs Hawkeye, more Deadpool vs Zombies and well, Deadpool vs almost everyone.  Who’s left?  It appears that Thanos is next on the chopping block and Major Spoilers checks out Deadpool vs Thanos #1 to see these two titans duke it out.

Deadpool vs Thanos 1 coverDEADPOOL VS THANOS #1
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Elmo Bondoc
Colorist: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Editor: Jordan D. White
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Deadpool vs Thanos:  Deadpool loves Death (the actual personification of death).  So does Thanos.  Death loves Deadpool and not Thanos.  Thanos therefore curses Deadpool so that he can never die.  He does get a little alone time with Death each time he shuffles his way off this mortal coil though.


I can’t say I’m a huge Deadpool fan bur I have enjoyed lots of what I’ve read recently, mainly the mini-series that he’s starred in.  Hearing Deadpool vs Thanos was coming elicited an eye roll, but when I noticed Tim Seeley (of Hack/Slash fame) was writing, I decided to check it out.  While it falters in places, I found myself enjoying the issue and laughing throughout. What’s interesting about this book is that it takes place before Deadpool’s Marvel Now! relaunch, which in real life comic book time is quite a while ago.  I learned a few things about Deadpool: he likes to do the dirty with Death (who herself is a curvaceous skeleton) and that Thanos cursed him to never die.  I was never aware that there was a love triangle between them and this alone was enough to get me invested.

After an awesome blood splattering introduction, the story jumps back a day in which Deadpool murders Dr. Doom and we learn that something is wrong with Death, which now means nothing in the universe can die.  Relating zombies to voodoo, Deadpool visits Black Talon in one of the best cameos in a comic this year.  It’s all setup for Deadpool to find out that Thanos is tied up in all of this so the two can meet.  From there the book jumps back to present day and it turns out that Thanos wants to find mistress Death as well and needs Deadpool’s help.  I liked this and it is similar to Deadpool vs Hawkeye where the title characters never really fight but actually work together.  There are some great moments in the book: Thanos smashing Deadpool to a pulp in one punch, Black Talon’s zombie minions demanding fair wages now that the undead are a powerful population and Deadpool’s porn stache.  It’s all very silly and Tim Seeley is able to nail the Deadpool tone and dialogue but it sometimes goes overboard.  Deadpool works best when he’s the only wacko in the room but everything in this issue is off kilter.  Dr. Doom vacationing on Saint Cynthia Island, whose room has a view of the pool and torture chambers, Thor using the phrase “Hindquarter hammering” among other things.  Also, how is Deadpool being immortal any different from him (and Wolverine) normally?  I thought their healing powers pretty much made them unkillable anyway.  Overall, it’s a silly but fun and enjoyable issue and Deadpool fans will certainly get a kick out of it, but it may not be to every average reader’s taste.


Elmo Bondoc’s art is a mixed bag and there are stylistic choices made that just bugged me.  The style is one suited extremely well for this kind of story, silly and fun with Bondoc putting his all into the work.  Some pages are positively jammed packed with images and look great while never feeling congested.  Bondoc nails the violence and gore too and the full-page of Thanos punching Deadpool into the ground might be one of my favorite images of the year.  The problems lie in the little details, though I will admit some nitpick.  Deadpool’s mouth is visible beneath his mask and there is a smile, smirk or strange look always present.  It’s a bit distracting and not something I think would be visible that often either.  Deadpool’s nose size seems to fluctuate as well, at times looking enormous and others almost non-existent.  The amount of damage Deadpool takes and lives from after Thanos’s punch is excessive but admittedly fits with the book’s tone.  While my gripes may seem minor, they distracted me enough that I was taken out of the story some.


Deadpool vs Thanos #1 will certainly please Deadpool fans with its wacky, off the wall humor, violence and somewhat over the top art but the casual reader might not enjoy everything.  Even as someone who has read a fair amount of Deadpool comics, I had fun but didn’t think it was as good as some other things I’ve read recently (Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars).  The book’s silly factor is set to high and Seeley writes some great jokes with Bondoc providing fitting artwork, but not everything works and at times is overkill.  Hardcore Deadpool fans should buy it (and will, regardless what I say) but others may want to just give this one a read.

Deadpool vs Thanos #1


Deadpool vs Thanos is silly, funny and enjoyable but at times feels like overkill, with everything being a joke and artwork that has small annoyances.

User Rating: 3.7 ( 1 votes)

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