In this installment of Critical Hit – On the plus side, the undead aren’t running around, as the team visits the plague district.

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  1. So how many perfect stars does that make? the twins, the spectural, and this mystery one, right? Did we every get any lore on their orgin?

    Great episode everyone, looking forward to next week so we can learn what crazy place the party is taken next!

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      I don’t remember the exact names or how many, but I believe there were several listed during Celestial Crusade. That’s good incentive to go back and listen to those episodes!

  2. On the subject of the Wing Triskelion, remember when Randus got his hand on it and accidentally ended up in a dimension with what was supposed to be the original Critical Hit party?

    God I hope this dimensions are left overs from when he weaponised the reality warping device and blew up the Void Gods!

    Wouldn’t it be neat to have this whole season end up being about saving multiverses were Randus is God since he bascially created them?

    • I usually don’t come in for corrections, but I’m worried that people will read this and go forth with the wrong idea.

      1) the issues you’re referring to were caused by Penelope’s Chronometer, not the Wing Triskelion
      2) There was no dimensional travel, there were some temporal shenanigans, but everyone the PCs met on that adventure is a resident of the same dimension and is still somewhere out there (assuming they didn’t die).
      3) Due to the last point it goes without saying but those characters were not “what the original CH party was supposed to be.” I just named one character after Matthew’s wife’s pitch just to throw in the easter egg.

      Ok, I think that’s everything. Thanks for listening!

      • Oops, sorry to have forced you to come correct me.

        Thank you very much for deviating from the norm and doing it thou, I love trying (and failing) to imagine what will happen next in Critical Hit, most movies, tv-shows, comics, manga and what not I can see the twists coming a mile away.

        Critical Hit thou? Not so much, which is one of the reason I always look forward to Saturday!

  3. The “why us” explanation: If they intercepted the letter sent to Randus, in researching HIM, they’d come across the Diamonthrone statues, which leads them to Smith and the others.

  4. Thanks for the timely update, it made my hospital stay quite a bit more enjoyable last weekend! :)

    Man, a whole new dimension with new rules and new… well, everything? >_> I mean… this sounds really dangerous! Though I’m sure Rodrigo wouldn’t have them all just die from this transferral, lol. That would be sad.

    I definitely got a flashback moment to Chrono Trigger, when Chrono, Marle and Lucca are running from the guards in Guardia and stumble across the gate in the dead-end, resulting in Lucca using the Gate Key and getting them all out of there right before the guards’ eyes. Seriously, these Salamander Coil dudes are gonna have nothing to go on for quite a while unless they force Lek to produce another prototype… assuming that three-claw-chain thing didn’t kill the poor professor outright!

  5. I’ve got to say, I’m loving the new season. I lost a little bit of interest over the Modern City episodes, but that’s just my preference for fantasy over superheroes. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey loving the show, but a quick question, I’ve listened to the podcast four times but there seems to be no explaination As to why the team are linked to prof. Leck. Matthew asks the question but it seems like everyone jumps in saying the coil have old information, but it doesn’t explain how or why the teams name was mentioned, Leck even said he hadn’t met them before

    • Lek sent a letter to Randus which was intercepted, the Coil then targeted him for death and based on the Moonhold statues they also placed a kill order for the original 4 members of the Torqueletons.

      You can listen to the explanations starting at minute 32.

  7. Anastasia Zasorina on

    I wonder if this arc was influenced by the earlier Fate detour in some way? Corporations, genius professors and somewhat sci-fi feel…

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