From the immense imagination of Berserk creator Kentaro Miura comes Giganto Maxia, a science-fiction/fantasy manga of titanic proportions!

100 million years after the Great Destruction, life hangs on in the wastelands, with humans, demihumans, and massive creatures fighting for survival. With the Empire of Olympus using colossal beasts to crush their adversaries, only gladiator Delos, mystic Prome, and the titan Gohra can hope to stem genocide and heal the shattered Earth!

Giganto Maxia is Miura’s first new original work in over twenty years. Dark Horse Comics began publishing Miura’s Berserk in 2003. It has become an international sensation, inspiring wildly popular TV and film anime, and is currently up to the thirty-seventh volume.

Giganto Maxia is in stores February 3, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop or through these fine retailers:
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via Dark Horse Comics

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