As a Legion of Super-Heroes fan since the early 80s, I’ve always had a great deal of affection for the character of Dawnstar.  Though some elements of her backstory are unfortunate in hindsight (some of the Native American steretyping hits far too many point of unfortunate implication) she was a strong character, had a cool visual with her giant wings, and was one of the female Legionnaires who got in on the action/fighty-fighty alongside the likes of Ultra Boy and Mon-El.  She was also the dominant half of one of the best doomed romances that the teens from the future ever experienced, which made her even more endearing, in spite of her truly execrable taste in costumes.  Even by the Legion’s weird future fashion standards, Dawny had it bad, with weird fringe and lacing, a lemon-yellow color scheme that never quite meshed with the aboriginal influences, and truly ri-DONK-ulous amounts of cleavage.  Any of these costume elements could be okay, but boobs, banana-color AND buckskin ends up being too much alliteration, leading us to today’s ‘eyes-up-here’ query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually has several good Legion costume examples, but also has the same issue with most of the rags that Storm of the X-men wears, asking: What character that you love has the costume you hate the most?


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  1. There arent many, honestly. I have to like the look of the character to get on board in the first place. Actually, Wolverine comes to mind. (The real Wolverine, not X-23 or whoever they decide its this week). I really dont care for yellow costume they use almost all the time but brown is great.

  2. Gambit. Wears bright purple and is supposed to be a thief? What is the thing on his head, no really what is that did his head get stuck in a sock when he was young and it just, grew up with him over time?

  3. I’m sure I’m going to go home, read some comics and have an older character jump out of the page and hit me as a more obvious answer, but the first thing that springs to mind is the Robo-Bunny-Batman, Jim Gordon.
    Oh. Also. Bleez.

  4. Brenning Dragonbred on

    Many X-Men who wear or have worn the blue and yellow team suit. But for some reason I don’t mind the black and yellow version worn by New Mutants. Don’t know what it is about the blue and yellow costume I don’t like, I just know I don’t like it.

    And I am not too fond of pantsless Ben Grimm either. I guess that isn’t really a costume since he’s nekkid, but I really don’t like it. At least give the man some underwear or something!

  5. Dick Grayson’s Robin costume was terrible. I’m glad when Drake took over the mantle they made it so much better.

  6. A character I like, but in a costume I hate, probably the original Robin. Storm in a Mohawk is pretty close tho. Wolverine in his brown/orange outfit, his yellow/blue was has been far and away his best. The Supergirl in the white tee-shirt, which ever one that was, not the real Supergirl – also that Supergirl in the awful black leotard too.

    But to be honest, you are WAY WAY WAY off on Dawnstar’s original costume (note the triple use of “way” – complements of Triplicate Girl, who, by the way, has never really had a good uniform as of yet). Dawnstar’s original uniform was by far one of the best outfits worn by the women of the Legion of Superheroes of any era. It was feminine, it was a LIGHT BROWN (tan), it was empowering and it was American Indian. All the things that Dawnstar was. It suited her perfectly and still does.

    If you simply didn’t like it, hey, that’s your personal opinion and your entitled too it. But you really shouldn’t make up reasons why you don’t like it. Just be honest and say you don’t like it. ‘Nuff said.

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