In Fox‘s latest trailer for Gotham season 2 (entitled Villains Rising), there are a lot of hints dropped about the Joker finally making his on screen in universe appearance. The character in question is named Jerome Valeska (played by actor Cameron Monaghan), and despite the fact that he has not been confirmed as the Joker the character certainly has the laugh down.


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Gotham season 2 premiers on September 21st, 2015.

Do you think Jerome Valeska is the Joker? Do you want to see the Joker show up in Gotham? Let us know your thoughts on this latest trailer in the comment section below!


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  1. Dan Langsdale on

    I’d rather not see the Joker, but I’m fine with seeing the person who will eventually become the Joker, if that makes any sense. I like the idea that the final transformation into the Joker doesn’t happen until after we get an actual Batman.

  2. I was done with this series the moment Renée Montoya was added and was just as old as Gordon and the lover of Gordon’s wife to boot, the episodes are horrible when focused on Gordon, worse when they focus on “the father/cousin/brother/uncle/ex-wife of the guy/gal that will become a rogue of Batman”.

    The whole show is nothing but name checking Batfamilly characters with a tiny splash of plotlines here and there, the Penguin and Riddler are the only saving grace, thou I have to fight the urge to hit my tv with a shovel when Fish shows up.

    Seriouly you could remove Gordon and the whole Gotham PD and you would barely feel the difference, it’s all about Batman and his future enemies, what I loved about the Gotham Central comic was the focus on the cops but the TV show lives so deeply under Batman’s shadow we can’t see anything else…

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