In this installment of Critical Hit – We learn a bit more about Sekhar’s past, and wonder, “Who the heck is this grungy Dwarf?”

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  1. So, I’m thinking Thalson = Ket and Professor Lek = Missy’s past life.

    I’m just spitballing though. I’m enjoying the new characters and the new dynamics.

  2. The line “you guys are still terrible at this.”- Perfect. Just the right amount of spoils, misdirection, and humor… love it. That plus the ‘I put on *another* disguise- but one must wonder how much of the spoilers were edited out, verses keeping stuff under wraps that well in character and at the table.

      • I never knew it was an actual reference when you used it, I assumed a happy accident. My whole world is a lie!

        Anyway… I will always see Orem as Zap, specially when during the Celestial Crussades he did the “many of you will die” speech to the interns.

        Ket is so Kif, the only sane person around who gets no respect.

        Do I even need to say who the professor is?

        Torq, may he Rest in Funnel Cakes, was Nibbler smarter then he looks and a deadly predator.

        Trelle is Amy, high social standing, rich and with no idea how money actually works.

        Leela is Sparkle, so highly competent one wonder what’s she’s doing with this crew XD

        Sekhar is Fry, thinks he’s the hero of the story and tries to look cool, but that ledge seems always out of reach.

  3. Audio issues didn’t seem nearly as bad as it was for the first couple of shows, although I’m still glad this was the last one with some difficulties. Enjoyed the episode.

  4. kittymaverick on

    I haven’t scrutinized an episode this much since all the way back during season 3. So much mystery and suspense.

    • I know!

      Original thoughts on Thaalsen – Half-orc law enforcement officer that looks like Torq? Well, Halston said he had brothers…

      Now – Guy who was disguised as the above half-orc (so he probably knew Torq and based his disguise off him), had a “big stick,” and openly laments that Orem and Randus “still suck” at keeping information from every random person they meet. Yeah, that’s a certain half-elf…

      • This explained what didn’t make sense in the previous episode, Rob is a min-maxer and an excellent roleplayer.
        So when he introduced what seemed to be a melee character that used a simple weapon, not a martial weapon, without having said character be a “dumb brute” which would explain the “carries big stick to hit people” I was confused.

      • Yeah, I am leaning pretty heavily in the “this is Ket” direction now. I was vaguely wondering if it was a possibility last episode, but now…

        On the other hand, this represents a REALLY long con for Ket, doesn’t it? If Thaalsen is a captain in the guard/watch/constabulary/whatever-theyre-calling-it, he must have been there for a while. Is he undercover? Is he trying to track down Baat? What’s his play here? If Thaalsen is Ket, I think he must also be Lek — he’s getting too close to finding answers.

        • I’m still of the idea “Lek” is a new guy who saw the statues in Diamond Throne and said to himself “these guys look tough, bet that if I say I’m with them the Salamander will have a hard time fighting them” and he slipped away into the night while the bad guys hunt our very visible heroes.

          In which case Ket might not so much be there as part of a con, but simply hiding and waiting out after dissapointing Asmodeus (he was supposed to stay with Orem) or possibly losing in the tournament.

          Anyway, can’t wait for Saturday!

          • Intense Wizardry on

            Ket was not supposed to stay with Orem, that was a misunderstanding on Rob’s part. His only directions from Asmodeus is do not go, don’t let Orem go. Now, he could have angered his patron some other way, but that wasn’t it.

        • It could be a long con, but there are a few threads they could use to justify it.

          1. Trelle was requested to aid with “Problems on the Southern Continent”

          It is possible that Ket went with her, either by request or desire to see something new. There he would have heard about the Coil, their operations, and desire to find/kill his friends. So, he needs to figure out what is going on. Trelle, on the other hand, needs to stay with her duties.

          2. Little Sparkle said that she was sent out with another… (elf? Half-elf?) from her organization to infiltrate/observe/disrupt the coil’s plans. So, her ally may-be a half-elf in disguise… that follows the Coil operatives and takes a job that allows him the closest thing to free reign of the city. The ability to walk the streets, listen and talk to people, and learn what he can.

          There just hasn’t been time or a secure location to reveal himself, yet.

          Altho, I may be overthinking it a-little. I do that. :)

  5. The biggest clue was his use of ‘Empathic Read’, I’m sure that’s a Ket power. But why all the secrecy?…I guess we’ll find out soon!

  6. Yay, episode! :D Now that I’ve joined the ranks of those keening for new episodes every week, it’s a strange, frustrating and yet fluttery feeling XD

    So yeah, when Rob’s character went to change to another disguise, I was super happy XD yayyy! And that Empathic Reading, that’s what Ket had! Could it just be a way to mislead the audience into thinking it’s Ket, though? Hummm…. nah, must be Ket XD

    I kind of recall the last time Ket reappeared, and was met with rather unwelcome greetings (which, personally, I felt was rather meta-played since they’d thought Ket had perished alongside everyone and he turned out to be alive, they should’ve been happy first before the suspicion set in I reckon >_> but I digress!) so this time I hope he’ll be met with a bit more love (lol) since, you know, he’s changed a lot as a character and his last gambit almost broke my heart when it failed (I’m talking about his attempt to bring Orem with him into the natural world; people might argue that this was for his own benefit but I think Ket wanted to keep the party together as much as he could, especially after parting with Torq so painfully).

    Assuming this IS Ket (all the way!) – the fact he disguises as a half-orc that looks a lot like Torq is another heartbreaker. Dangit, Ket! Why are you so sweet inside that crusty shell of practicality and cynicism!

    By the way, I do have a couple of questions, if anyone is able to answer them. For one thing – has it been agreed upon for none of the characters to inquire about Trelle since Adriana is no longer on the show? I understand she’s not there to roleplay the character but I’d thought that in character, at least, Orem would have asked Randus if he’d heard anything of her, and Randus could have said he’d heard nothing, and that would have been fine. But with the callback all the way to when Smith was around, it just feels like… a weird wipe of Trelle’s character from the slate. Like watching a TV series where a season starts and a character disappears because the actor got axed but no one questions it or ever talks about that character again. Just something I wondered, since no one (and I mean not even Kammis mentions in passing) talks about Trelle at all. With all that’s been happening in the southern continent, I’d reckon there is some relevance there with Little Sparkle… but yeah, maybe that’s a stretch. Anyway.

    Second question is: can Rodrigo reveal who the Hogba’s favourite was, just to satiate our curiosity? XD; Did he get his favourite (Torq)?

    Comment over! <3 Looking forward to the next episode!

  7. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    OK, I’ve decided to stop guessing about what is going on and I’m going to sit back and enjoy the new season. So many more questions still to be answered. I suppose our fussing and guessing is proof that as listeners, we are all invested heavily in these characters.

    I will say, though, that I did catch on the second run-through that Orem had “The Dead Man’s Hand” while they were playing poker. I don’t think any of the other players caught it because there were several conversations going on at once, but it mad me smile to hear it.

    Thanks for the episode!

    • It was epic, but I kinda miss the struggle Matthew had everytime he was being clever/sarcastic on the less smart Torq.

      Having to often Buffy-speak his explaination was funny in it’s own way.

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