I wish I could count how many different mystery stories I’ve given up on because I either knew who did it right away or frankly didn’t care. A poorly done whodunit? Now THAT’S a crime!

Not long ago I reviewed the debut issue of Prey for Angels from Think Alike Productions. As of Wednesday, August 19, both the first and second issues of this gripping mystery are available at the comixology.com website, making it the perfect time to jump on board!

Writer and Creator: Kristian Fraga
Adapted by: Ruben Romero

Artist: Sajad Shah
Colorist: Jorge Cortes
Letterer: Jaymes Reed
Executive Producer: Benjamin Charbit

Publisher: Think Alike Productions
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in PREY FOR ANGELS: “When an ominous letter makes its rounds through the streets of Paris, the city has been warned: Jack is back! With the help of Inspector Shelby and a mysterious street thug, will they be able to solve the case before another murder occurs?”


I love it when I can’t figure out exactly what’s happening because a mystery is that well written. After all, with years of reading whodunits under my belt, I can often pick out the important clues that indicate the resolution pretty early in the reading process.

After reading the first two issues of Prey for Angels, I have to say that I’m clueless as to exactly what’s going on. And based on how intelligently this miniseries has been put together, I’m loving it!

I don’t want to spoil the plot, but it seems that the clues are pointing to the return of Jack the Ripper. I say “seems” because that the main characters have done a 180-degree change as to what’s happening in these two chapters. That makes readers like me less certain as to what the outcome will be. Is it Jack or isn’t it? I’m not at all certain, but now I’ve got to know!

We see the process Shelby and the rest go through to come to their conclusions, which makes us understand their reasoning. But are they right?

The best part of the second issue is the final panel. It’s a real cliffhanger that had me yelling, “NOOOO!” because I need to find out what happens next ASAP. Needless to say, I’ll be truly anxious for the next chapter to be released, which will not happen soon enough for me!

There’s a great sequence when Shelby describes what he did to draw Jack out into the open. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go according to his plan, and instead both characters withdrew from the public eye.

As with the first issue, the pacing is slower and intense when it needs to be, but also fast-paced when the plot should move forward quickly. If this really is Jack making the gory human loss happen, I’d be as terrified as everyone in Paris is at this point!


I’ve enjoyed Mr. Shah’s work in other comics, and he shows no sign of slowing down in this book either. We never question just who is who, and that helps us relate to the various characters, be they “good guys” or part of the seamy underbelly of Paris. Expressions are portrayed well along with the action sequences, so I enjoyed the art quite a bit!

As in the first issue, there are several bloody and grisly sequences, and they’re illustrated horrifically well. Again, they ratchet up our fear factor, and that keeps us glued at the edge of our seats.


Prey for Angels! I cannot figure any of this out, which makes me more anxious to find out than ever! Like Kate, I love a mystery!
I often long for DC’s Detective Comics to be just that – a series with mysteries in it. Sadly, that’s not happening often enough for me, so until that day, I’ll be happy to read Prey for Angels to give my brain the whodunit workout it craves!


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