In days of comics past, characters from other media have always been treated as somehow less important. To many fans, King Tut was never a REAL bat-villain, while movie General Zod’s henchmen weren’t really part of Zod’s story. In recent years, though, translating characters from other media into comic form (known to us trope nerds as the ‘Canon Immigrant’) is commonplace and used to transition fans of cartoon and movie heroes to their stories’ source material. I have to admit that the idea of Melinda May or Harrison Wells in comic form is appealing to me as a fan of their respective shows, leading to today’s adaptational query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures that, with the success of Phil Coulson and Harley Quinn, a DCYou take on the Music Meister could bmashsmash, asking: What non-comics character would you most like to see make their way into comics as a canon immigrant?


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  1. A long long time ago, when the League opened worldwide branches during their KooeyKooeyKooey era… umm, I mean their JLI era, I’ve always hoped against hope to see the other League heroes like Apache Chief and El Dorado make an appearance.

    And be honest. Wouldn’t you love to see millionaire Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) bring his millionaire buddy Radley Crown (Blue Falcon) to a JLA meeting just to tease Hawkman about how a real winged hero is supposed to operate??

  2. Cant really think any right now. My wish was fulfilled when they wrote Movie Faora into current Superman canon. Hands down best character in Man of Steel, huge crush.

  3. Honestly, as the picture shows, the Music Meister would be awesome. If they were clever, they could incorporate the actual songs/music in the digital copy, or at least make caption boxes that say what the tune is to.

  4. Brenning Dragonbred on

    The Justice Guild from Justice League Unlimited. I realize they were thinly veiled copies of the Justice Society, but I honestly believe there is potential for interesting stories that take almost familiar characters and throw them into situations that might not be ideal for their original counterparts without putting them outside canon or continuity.

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