What heroes would make the best Fantastic Four team ever? Well, we answer that question and I forced Ashley to watch 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer! Get ready to hear her review! 

Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don’t want to know what happens, then you should come back later.


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Born in the land of Superman and now living in Los Angeles, Jason is a simple man who one day dreams of writing a scene where Superman punches the moon. He's worked for many companies including Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Youtubers Rhett & Link. During his ever escaping free time, he produces content for his award winning Youtube channel while reading more comics than any one man should in a week.


  1. As Jason said, the Fantastic Four -are- the Fantastic Four. But since your guidelines for team-building only allow one original member, I decided to make FOUR groups, based around what each member might recruit as their team.

    The conceit: Doctor Doom has messed with the Cosmic Ray energy in the FF for nefarious ends. Reed is able to counteract the scheme, but the end result puts the FF in a state where their physical proximity to each other would mean something Catastrophic will occur, like a matter/anti-matter reaction. The four split off to create their own teams & have adventures.

    • Dan Langsdale on

      Team 1:

      Leader – Mr. Fantastic
      Second – Valeria Richards
      Wild Card – Terrax
      Rookie – Karolina Dean (Lucy in the Sky from Runaways)

      The pitch: Cosmic exploration and wonder in the Marvel Universe. Daddy/daughter time Richards-style.
      The raison d’etre: The Majesdanian homeworld is discovered by Galactus. The Majesdanians reach out to Karolina on Earth to have her convince Reed Richards to help. Valeria enlists Terrax to confront his former master, but can Terrax the Tamer ever be truly tamed?

    • Dan Langsdale on

      Team 2:

      Leader – Invisible Woman
      Second – Ant Man (Scott Lang)
      Wild Card – Namor
      Rookie – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

      The pitch: Problem solving on a mind-boggling level.

      The coming together: Underwater mutations, sea creatures altered by Terrigen crystals, attack the Jersey Shore. Ms. Marvel responds, as does Namor. In a classic super-hero misunderstanding, each blames the other. Sue intervenes to straighten things out, and enlists the aid of scientist Scott Lang to resolve the threat.

    • Dan Langsdale on

      Team 3:

      Leader – Thing
      Second – Black Panther
      Wild Card – Doctor Strange
      Rookie – Luna Maximoff

      The pitch: Saving the Earth from Yahoos like Victor VonDoom.

      The coming together: Doom’s assault on the FF has caused ripples and instabilities in the fabric of Earth’s realities. Ben Grimm teams with T’challa and Stephen Strange to heal the world.
      Meanwhile, Crystal of the Inhumans finds herself with a teenage daughter who wants to get out and experience more than the insular world of Attilan. Remembering her own time away, Crystal can think of no one more trustworthy to keep her daughter safe than her old comrade Ben Grimm.

    • Dan Langsdale on

      Team 4:

      Leader – Human Torch
      Second – Spider-Man
      Wild Card – Black Cat
      Rookie – Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

      The pitch: Adventurous hi-jinx through the the Marvel Universe timeline with Johnny Storm and his wingman, Peter Parker.

      The coming together: Johnny’s sees the creation of a new FF as a prime opportunity to meet new women. He holds a recruitment hunt and selects Kate Bishop and Felicia Hardy as his favorite candidates. He drags Peter along, introducing him to the Black Cat as if they’d never met. Before Peter can bag, things hit the fan when a version of Kang assaults the FFHQ, looking to get his hands on Reed’s copy of Doom’s time platform. In the fallout of the conflict, the four find themselves lost in time with a malfunctioning time platform.

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