While I like adventures in space and time, my favorite run of Doctor Who took place at a time when he was exiled to Earth.  Granted, it was a story fix to cope with budget issues, but Jon Pertwee’s depiction of The Doctor is still my all time favorite. The stories were a bit more on the science side at first, and introduced everyone to three of the best companions – Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane Smith (the longest-serving companion).

Pertwee commanded the screen whenever he appeared, and his Doctor’s wit and arrogance made each episode a joy to watch. Doctor One referred to him as a dandy, while Two called him Fancy Pants.Regardless, The Third Doctor is one I will always cherish.

Who is your favorite Doctor? Maybe you like Eleven, or perhaps Six is your thing. Some of you have even had the chance to meet Twelve and think he is the bee’s knees. Don’t be shy! Share your thoughts about your favorite Doctor in the comment section below!


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  1. There isn’t really an incarnation of the Doctor I DON’T like (and that even includes unofficially “official” versions like the Shalka Doctor or licensed remakes like the old American film “Dr. Who and the Daleks”). But I do have a few favorites.

    Top of the list is a tie between the Second and Third doctors. I was introduced to the series with the Third Doctor through my grandfather, who was a fan of the series. While I was born and grew up during the time of the 4th Doctor, the 3rd just holds a special place in my heart for being my first exposure to the character. Similarly, I was also shown the 2nd Doctor (though not as frequently until many years later) and I just loved that take on the character. You can see the influence in many later incarnations.

    I also have a spot for the 8th Doctor. Granted, his movie wasn’t the greatest, but I still enjoyed his introduction enough to follow his adventures in novel form (being hard of hearing, legally deaf, I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the audio dramas).

    And of the revived series, the 10th Doctor is my favorite. He reminds me a bit of several previous Doctors while also being unique in other ways.

    And then there is my favorite unofficial Doctor, the Doctor played by Rowan Atkinson in the Doctor Who sketch “The Curse of Fatal Death”.

  2. Dan Langsdale on

    For classic Who, I’ve always said Pertwee, but…

    …I’ve just come to the end of a re-watch of all the classic stories, and I’m forced to realize that it’s really Davison. While he doesn’t have the tattoo, he has all the heart of Pertwee’s doctor with better written and produced stories. And I really, really like the “crowded TARDIS” method of cast. (and I’ll take Tegan over Sarah Jane any day.)

    For modern era, it’s a finer cut. All else being equal, I give the nudge to Tennant, but only because Donna Noble is far and away the best modern companion, with maybe Rory a subtle second.

  3. I have to say my favorite is The Sixth Doctor. I rather enjoy a much more….unpleasant Doctor, no-nonsense and arrogant. This very personality type allows his better sides to be amplified as well.

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