Today, Major Spoilers celebrates Doctor Who Day!  As a comic-book fan, I come from a world of massive inter-company crossover madness, so I’m always fascinated by multiple Doctor time-travel stories.  As such, I find it a little fascinating that the majority of those stories tend to feature three Doctors at a time.  The 10th Anniversary Doctor Who crossover, ‘The Three Doctors’ makes an obvious example, but the 20th anniversary special, ‘The Five Doctors,’ also featured three Doctors (discounting stock footage of the Fourth and a new actor in the role of the First.)  The same is true of the 50th Anniversary special not so long ago, and Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Four Doctors’ also promises three (though I think the title is a dead giveaway that something else is up), which leads us to today’s triadic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still wants to see the karate-chopping Third Doctor, the arrogant Sixth and the raging Ninth in one adventure, if only for the immense shouty-factor, asking: If you could choose any three incarnations of the main character of ‘Doctor Who’ to team up, which three would you want to see together and WHY?


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  1. 8th Doctor, 10th Doctor and 3rd Doctor, who are my top three favorites.

    And while kind of cheating, I would love to see a multi-Doctor story that involves either the Meta-Crisis clone of the 10th Doctor (the one who is now with Rose on Pete’s World) or Jenny, the clone daughter of the 10th Doctor. They may not technically be “The Doctor” but one is a half human clone that looks exactly like the 10th Doctor where the other is a clone made from his DNA that was randomized and came out female. Have both of them meet the current Doctor and you can get away with it without having to explain some major paradox (though there would be the issue of parallel reality walls fracturing again).

  2. Dan Langsdale on

    McCoy (7), McGann (8), and Hurt (War)

    For me, the crossing of Doctors works best when it’s between “adjacent” doctors, to really compare/contrast how he’s changed in such a short span of regenerations. I’d like to see more of these particular characters, and maybe get into a bit of the Time War while we’re at it.

    I could see the War Doctor needing to draw upon the long-game strategist that McCoy’s Doctor showed himself to be: tricking the Cybermen into welcoming the instrument of their fleet’s destruction, manipulating the Daleks & Davros into fighting and wiping out each other. etc.

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