In this installment of Critical Hit – Why is everyone trying to kill Sekhar?

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  1. Does having a bar tracking bad guy health (I assume that’s what those are) change the way you play?

    I know in the past guessing how much HP the bad guys had left was always something of a game. Seems like in this battle you were able to see who was hurt and not so hurt. I wonder how that affected combat tactics or approach.

  2. IntenseWizardry on

    Not quite done with the episode yet, but is Rob playing an Essentials character? Also, are we getting a Thaalsen character sheet today? (For members I mean)

  3. Finally all caught up (as of Thursday) and spent Friday waiting eagerly for this installment!

    Up until Rodrigo’s comment about Thaalsen looking familiar, I was getting cranky at the similarity of the name to Halston Thorqelson: every time anyone said “Thaalsen” I had this immediate “Torq??” reaction. Good to discover it was deliberate. I want to hear Thaalsen totally rewriting Torq’s family backstory, just for the byplay between Rob and Matthew. “Wait, Aunt Tilly? Aunt Tilly was totally senile. Halston used to ask for words of wisdom, and mostly she just passed gas. No one seriously listened to her!”

    I’m not sure where things are going yet, but I would not be at all surprised if we do see Torq and Ket this season — everyone has certainly played short-term characters at some point before. I’m not sure how much Rob really has Thaalsen’s voice yet, but it’s been cool hearing Matthew settle into Sekhar.

    Really liking Little Sparkle so far — the dynamic she brings to the party is new and different and a lot of fun.

    And now I have to wait a FULL WEEK for more? Sigh. The tribulations of being current.

    • Intense Wizardry on

      My theory is that Thaalsen was for that fight only. I don’t even know if he was a PC; he didn’t use any powers or even at wills, sounded more like a monster to me. They’re in Coldport, so my bet is still that Kets coming back.

      • Frederick Pagliarulo on

        I don’t know how long he’ll be around, but there HAS to be more to Thaalsen’s story than what we’ve gotten. I can’t wait to find out. He’s either related in some way, or Torq has returned from his adventure with the Hogba, forever altered from the experience. At the end of last season, someone, I believe Kammis, said even if he returned, he would NOT be the same. I think it’s interesting that he’s a constable.

        • I thought the same thing, Frederick, that there was a real connection there. Part of me was actually wondering if Thaalsen was Ket, in some form or another — with his soul capturing stuff and the tournament, he could have changed really, really dramatically in 5 years — “half-elf” because there’s definitely some elf in there, right? So… what else might be changing? Maybe it’s an homage to Torq in-character!

          That one lives thoroughly in the land of the wild implausible theories, though.

          • Anastasia Zasorina on

            About homage to Torq in-character – the last thing Torq said to Ket is that he believes Ket can be a better person and should strive to do so. Might it have actually affected him?

  4. Wow, how is it possible for this show to just get better and better.
    You have truely captured the spirit of the first episodes in Moonhold.
    Great stuf, and great to have Rob back.

    Best show in town.

  5. I haven’t checked against another episode yet but it sounded like the Combat was much tighter than it has been in the past. Not sure that is editing to just much quicker pace on the part of the players in the new computer combat thing system.

    And thanks for cutting out some of that insane clicking that is been trying be batty Steven this whole season the only constant has been someone’s mouse going every 1.2 seconds. Very bad for audio but as someone that has editing a few podcasts in the my time I can say it a real bear to get rid of too.

    Also nice to see Rob back.

  6. As soon as Rob said his character was carrying a “big stick” I yelled “THAT’S KET” and started to laugh.
    I’m wondering if we’ll ever see Lily and Sapote again. I’d love to listen a couple of encounters (combat or skill challenge) with everybody there.

  7. Simonsimonforyou on

    Anybody else noticed that we’ve seen all the who-will-join characters except for one?

    So is that the only one we’re not going to meet, or is there some female character out there we have yet to meet?

  8. Nicely played, guys! ;)

    You almost had me with the reference to a certain 70s TV show, but a relisten allowed me to pick up a couple of details that I missed the first time round and stuck me back on the right path.

    The fact that I can sing the clues to the tune of Camptown Races only makes it better. :p

    Saturday’s going to be awesome!

  9. My working theory at this point is that Thaalsen – if he’s an actual character class, and not a monster as others have postulated – is a Knight. Using a staff, crappy damage, and no powers at all, and we all know Rob is the closest thing to a munchkin this group has, so if he had actual powers to use, well…

  10. Aghu, finally caught up… I’m so sad! But also quite happy to be caught up, FINALLY. That only took a year or so… :P (Guess it’s time to start back at the beginning! Lol.) Thanks for all the free entertainment! Hopefully I’ll be able to sponsor some point very very soon now that I’m all caught up :)

    Re: this episode, to be honest the start of the season five was a bit rough (mostly because of audio issues) – everyone was very polite and reserved due to being new, and I am very used to Critical Hit being a rather raucous bunch. Meaning no offense to the players behind Sapote or Lily of course, they were great, but it’s just a matter of what I’ve grown used to expecting from Critical Hit. So yeah, this episode brought it all back. I enjoy having all the players back at the table, +Sam (Kenku rogue is amazing!). The chemistry just works best this way. :)

    P.S. Randus makes the best ‘blwah! o_o’ noises ever.

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