Over the years, there has been much debate about which girlfriend is best for our comic heroes.  Lois or Lana?  Silver St. Cloud or Selina Kyle?  Betty or Veronica?  But for all this discussion of paramours, one major hero seems to get short shrift: The amazing amazon herself, Wonder Woman.  Given that Diana is traditionally focused on her mission (and/or heavy bondage, if you get back to her original creator) and not the question of the perfect mate, she hasn’t had the parade of partners that Batman or Spider-Man have had.  (‘Course, her one major boyfriend/love interest has himself been murdered and resurrected 3 times over the years, making Gwen Stacy look like a piker.)  Currently, she’s been paired with Superman, because a woman raised in a traditional Greek warrior society clearly has much in common with some schmucky reporter from the Midwest blah blah blah fanfic-cakes, which leads us to today’s significantly other query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still finds that the Superman/Wonder Woman romance feels juvenile, superficial and kinda yucky, asking: Who, in your mind, would serve as Wonder Woman’s true perfect mate?


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  1. Bruce Wayne.
    (I would have just said Batman, but based on current DC, I think I need to be more specific)

    I’m reminded of that moment during the sparring session in JLA #61.

  2. I honestly have no idea.

    Her relationship with Superman is empty, hollow, and completely void of chemistry. I’ve seen creators/fans try to pair her with Aquaman, which comes across just as hollow and weak. The ship with Batman is/was forced, nonsensical fan-wank and downright insulting.
    I appreciate Steve Trevor in that he is a character created specifically for Wonder Woman, but he always struck me as a cypher.

    I’ll say Thor or Captain America.

  3. Since I assume picking myself is out of the question (not to mention it would likely go against her established sexual preference), I want to veer off a little bit and suggest Iolaus from the “Hercules” and “Xena” franchise universe. He’s a good, loyal and resourceful man who has experience with powerful beings (Hercules, Xena, various gods and monsters, etc.), so I think they would be a good fit together.

    Alternately, I’ll echo M. Walsh above and throw my hat in with Thor. Both being tied to some form of mythology aside, they are both powerful beings that are not originally from the world of man. I think that is a good springboard for a relationship as they could easily relate to each other in a way that they couldn’t with mere humans.

    Neither comes from the DCU, but that hasn’t stopped characters before.

  4. I grew up on Justice League Unlimited so I have to go with Batman. I always liked their relationship through the series.

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here and opt for Namor.
    They’ve both got that royalty aspect, both have a strong sense of pride.. though Namor’s dips into arrogance so deeply it’s hard to see anything else.
    I just sort of like the idea of her being the greatest match for his ego, of her making him uncomfortably vulnerable with The Truth.
    I like couples that infuriate each other until they figure out how to work together. Plus. They’re both strong enough for arguments to turn into epic battling splash pages. Namor and Wonder Woman. You know that that’s the kind of relationship that’s going to have PASSION.
    It would be the kind of relationship that would set some serious challenges for both of them, and I think some SERIOUSLY good stories can come out of that.

  6. If you are going to go outside the DCU, then why not Hancock? Lonely God and Lonely Goddess? Why not hook up? I think Superman would be the best in-DCU pair up simply because they are both nearly immortal, and they wouldn’t have to worry about injuring each other in the throws of passion… but I also like the idea of Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne hooking up… after all, he is just as devoted to ridding the world of evil as she is, and that might be enough for her to see past his powerless, mortal status. But everybody is overlooking the other side of the equation. She’d likely go for another immortal, and probably a God of some kind, and since Jehovah himself seems to be taboo in comic books, I can actually see her getting together with somebody like Darksied or Thanos. After all, Gods and Goddesses are often above mere mortal concerns like morality. The one near-immortal she wouldn’t hook up with, however, would be Adam Warlock, because is he just too gloomy and completely off his rocker half the time.

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