Hot on the heels of the monumental success of Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1, Coffin Comics announced today that an all new Lady Death story entitled Damnation Game #1 will ship in October 2015. An exclusive Kickstarter campaign for this project launched on August 5th, 2015 7PM MT and run for thirty days.

Lady Death: Damnation Game #1, published by Coffin Comics is a 48-page square bound original graphic novel co-written by Brian Pulido and Mike Maclean. It features the returning art team of Dheeraj Verma (pencils) and color art by Sabine Rich (Ancient Dreams). Cover artists include Mike Debalfo, Richard Ortiz, Paolo Pantalena, Sabine Rich and others to be announced!

Set in the present, Lady Death rescues an innocent boy dragged to Hell against his will and incites a violent quest into the depths of Damnation, a depraved city hosting a contraption that can return the boy “topside”. Lady Death’s actions bring her into direct conflict with the nefarious Hellwitch. Who will live? Who will die?

“If you want unapologetic, heavy metal inspired comics that kick your ass, I cordially invite you to get Damnation Game,” says Lady Death creator Brian Pulido. “With her return to Hell, Lady Death is public enemy number one, and you know what? She wouldn’t have it any other way. Let the mayhem begin!”

Experience the next chapter in Lady Death’s undead life! Stay tuned for more preview art, interviews with the creative team, Kickstarter reward announcements and much, much more!

Lady Death was created by Brian Pulido and debuted in Evil Ernie #1 in 1991. The first Lady Death solo series debuted in 1994. Since then, Lady Death has appeared in over 100 comics in eight languages, selling over 20 million copies worldwide.

DG_Preview_02 LD_DG_CVR DG_Preview_01

Coffin Comics is the new permanent home of Lady Death.

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