Traditionally, the super-dupers of the world have brought safety to their hometowns.  Central City flourished under The Flash’s protection, the people of Bangalia never feared under the watchful gaze of The Phantom…  Heck, even Gotham City used to be a nice place to live, albeit one filled with a lot of abandoned warehouses and giant props.  These days, though, proximity to superheroes tends to be a bad thing, as the second half of ‘Man Of Steel’ proved quite pyroclastically, and background characters are as likely to get caught in a hail of shrapnel as they are to be saved from calamity.  Even the poor residents of Beach City have taken their lumps due to the closeness of the Crystal Gems, which seems a bit odd for a cartoon aimed at youngsters, leading us to today’s collateral damage query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that Beach City is lovely this time of year, asking: If superhumans were real, would you want to be near them or as far away as possible?


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  1. We’re I a younger man with less responsibility and sense, I would say as close to. It would provide me with the greatest chance of becoming a superhero myself and allow me to see the action first hand.

    But as a husband and father of two. And we’ll on my way to being crotchety, I have to choose as far away as possible. While this may leave me vulnerable to the inevitable alien invasion that would come, I wouldn’t be hit by any errant busses being tossed around like paper airplanes.

  2. With my history, I’d probably BE one. I mean, experimental treatments for cancer, strange allergies (like to something in almost everyone else’s blood) and other things practically scream “origin story”.

    But I think I’d want to be near, as long as they are competent (as a hero, not mentally competent since Deadpool is one but not the other). I pretty much live in tornado alley, so it wouldn’t be that much different if a villain is trashing the town rather than a tornado or storm.

  3. It’d be similar to my preferences for living near a large city at all. Just outside town, but close enough to make regular trips in for shopping a minor chore.
    Only in this case, it’d be just outside the lethal radiation range for a small Nuclear device planted in the city’s “Time’s Square” equivolent, you never know when one of the Archvillains is gonna get lucky.

  4. Josh Knights on

    There could defiantly be benefits to super human folks. The problem is that in the end they’re people with flaws and issues. Someone having a bad day and slapping their steering wheel is one thing, it’s another thing when that person can pick up a semi and use it like a fly swatter.

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