In this installment of Critical Hit – Why are the Stabbingtons trying to stab us?

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  1. Josh Knights on

    The second I heard that the assassins were from cold port I said outloud.
    “Ket was from coldport…”
    So we know that Randus was the primary target, with all of his known assosciates. We know that their intel was old given that they had a dead guy on their list of targets. But we also know that the group based in Cold port hired out to Mercs to do their job because they found another important target.
    Working on the assumption that Lek is Thony which the clues seem to lead to then the likely reasoning there is either A: Thony is not dead and has been located, or B: The person of interest they found is somehow related as a known associate of Lord Duthane AND has some reason to be in Cold port.
    Given that Ket is FROM coldport I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been found, or purposefully made himself known for some reason. For all we know he Can’t make it to the Feywild himself, but knows that these guys can and is trying to draw them out to figure out a way back, as much as he hates the place he was given pretty clear instructions.
    Also props to little Sparkle for getting Jabbed full of needles by a guy she just met and just sort of, taking that in stride.
    That all being said, Orem, Randus, guys…You havent seen each other in a decade somebody hug somebody please.

    • Intense Wizardry on

      The reasons I think Ket is coming back is because 1) the Raven queen transformation is a big unresolved story, plus with the name of the season, the Raven Queen might very well be involved. 2) Ket came back to central continent, and there’s no reason story wise he’d be dead or missing. Asmodeus didn’t say he had to follow Orem, just to not go with the Hogba. We’re at least going to figure out what happened to him, because he was in no threat when we left. 3) they’re going to cold port, which, like you said, is where Ket is from.

  2. Matthew Sherman on

    listening to this now… *possible spoilers” still thinking that Lek is the constructor of the original Moon Tower… the one with the skeletons

  3. Metallic slab that is slowly counting down. Does Randus still have it? I seem re recall that The Queens Rebellious Daughter knew Thony better than anyone. Although SHE had a different name during the Underdark Wars.

    • Haven’t listened yet, but iirc, that was a combination homing beacon/timer for the airship’s construction. At the end of Lords of the Feywild, the beacon started going nuts right as the airship found Randus.

  4. I was wondering is the comma move in the episode title an error from Oh, Lord Randus for 310 vs Oh Lord, Randus from 309. In the past normally you(steven) just call the second episode in a series Part 2. See 274 Wrath of Ashardalon 275: Wrath of Ashardalon – Part 2.(BTW I’m looking at the RSS feed not the post titles on the website)

    I was also wondering why you dropped (S05-00X) tagging seemed to me a cool way to set the season part and make that 300+ episode archive seem a bit less daunting to new listeners.

    Good episode very much enjoying the new people and new characters.

  5. Thank you guys for yetbanother great episode.
    “Sam” is a great addition to the team, and you all Seem in peak fitness condition after the break.

  6. I was really glad to get all the roleplaying we did, I was worried it was going to be all fighty fighty. But excellent job as always guys! :)

  7. Really entertaining episode. I liked the character development, of all people, the Stabbingtons, and I am glad we saw a battle resolved other than killing everybody, which Rodrigo does have a particular talent at.

    Interesting to have Matthew finding a new character voice, I like the aristocrat coming out, I am sure we will see great things from Baron Sekhar.

    I hope I am not being petty on this, but somebody has a really noisy scroll wheel on their mouse…

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