Today’s comic book review got me to thinking about the nature of ultimate power and the Infinity Gems.  During the original Infinity series, questions of who would make a perfect supreme overlord were complex, as Thanos didn’t do such a bad job, while Warlock wasn’t quite as suitable for omniscience.  Doctor Doom’s dominion over the new Battleworld has led to a delicate balance for the denizens of the Marvel Universe, while the world of Invincible isn’t doing so bad with Robot reigning supreme (although that’s not so much a “mighty cosmic power” as it is a “brute force and manipulation” thing), which leads us to today’s nigh-omniscient query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that my first choice would be Spock, Son of Sarek, and/or a quorum of The Doctors, asking: What fictional character, if given phenomenal cosmic power, would reign over the best universe for you to live in?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Probably Superman. In my eyes, he could do no wrong. Captain America would be close, but I’d still trust Superman more, because hes been so close to that power and proven time after time that he’d do the right thing.

  2. I’m trying to think of someone who’s proven a good community leader – and I’m really thinking back to John Stewart, and that time he was a Guardian, in Mosaic, making sure his crazy mixed up world worked out all well while he DID have phenomenal cosmic power.

    Also, Emma Frost.

    I mean, her time as a Pheonix host was disastrous, but it’s the Pheonix force. I think she’s someone smart enough to be able to genuinely figure out way for systems necessary for better lives. I think she’s compassionate enough to care about everyone, upper class or lower, no matter how snooty she tends to act. And I think she’s hard enough to make the inevitable and innumerable difficult decisions.

    And you know she’s gonna to it in STYLE.

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