Today, Steve Hamaker, colorist of BONE, RASL, and Table Titans, announced the launch of a Kickstarter for the printed collection of his online graphic novel, PLOX.

PLOX, “Hell Is Other Players.”

PLOX is a story about three gamer friends that live in Columbus, Ohio.  Chad; the obsessed player of World of Warcraft, Kim; the guild leader with more on her mind than just video games, and Roy; the older, wiser friend that always seems to handle things with patience.


With plenty of pop culture references, drama, and humor, at its heart, PLOX is a story about friendship.

When the games we play forge our identity, hell is other players.

Steve Hamaker is the Eisner Award winning and Harvey Award nominated colorist of the BONE graphic novels published by Scholastic. In 2005 Steve self-published Fish N Chips Volume 1, and has contributed several stories to the anthology series, Flight.  Currently he colors and collaborates with Scott Kurtz and Brian Hurtt on Table Titans.


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