In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: It’s time to say goodbye.

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Lily Solesorrow
Race: Eladrin
Eyes: Violet (no pupils)
Hair: Platinum Blonde, very long.
Skin: Peach
Apparent Age: 20
Style: Lily prefers outfits that allow for movement, pants, shirts and short jackets. Being an eladrin though, her clothes tend to be fancier than one would expect for a traveler of another race. She wears a very large, butterfly-shaped, green jade adornment on her hair,usually off to one side.
Weapons and Gear: Lily carries a beautifully crafted eladrin longsword. When traveling she also carries a bulky backpack full of books, trail rations and spell components.

Race: Wilden (plant person)
Eyes: Black, (has pupils) has prominent (literal) bushy eyebrows made of leaves.
Hair: No hair as such, instead he has short thorns on his head.
Skin: Green
Apparent Age: 20
Style: Sapote eschews traditional wilden garb for a more eladrin-inspired, high-collar, white longcoat. Along with a black shirt and slacks. He is barefoot so his roots can touch the ground.
Weapons and Gear: Sapote uses an eladrin longsword as his weapon of choice, he wants to fully understand swordmagic so he can meld it with his people’s arcane tradition later.

Little Sparkle
Race: Kenku,
Eyes: Blue, human-like.
Hair: Green feathers, but longer on her head so they actually look like neck-length hair.
Skin: Again, mostly feathers. Black feathering around her face, a green beak. hands and feet are featherless, white and scaley with black claws (she wears boots, though)
Apparent Age: 20s
Style: Wears black, clearly enchanted leather armor. Black boots. Travels very light. Super-stealthy looking. She’s a smart and confident girl.
Weapons and Gear: Maybe some belt pouch stuff. Carries a really scary looking jagged dagger.

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  1. Could this mysterious professor be Thony? Hes the only one I can think of who knew the party in its Smith configuration and might possibly have had a weird power source.

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      I also believe that this person is Professor Thony Lek? If so, we’ll definitely hear from The Queens Rebellious Daughter again. I can’t wait to see what the state of the Natural World is, including Diamond Throne, Tuberville, and the Southern Continent, (Wasn’t Trelle heading there?) If the Fly Guys were after the original party, I wonder how they knew Torq was a priest? So many questions! I really want to know what’s going on in the Astral Sea.

      Also, if Sapote and Lily stayed behind, I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing from George and Sam again? We just met them. Maybe they will play one of the other characters we saw depicted in the intro? This is going to be a fun season.

      • I don’t think they were after the original party. Torq didn’t become a priest until after the celestial crusade, and the mentions of Lord Randus indicate that their information is current. Rather, they were misinformed as a result of the Torqueltone’s promise to erect a statue for smith. Now that this has finally happened (possibly because Randus has an airship that he can use to carve smith’s visage into the side of a mountain), the salamander coil merely believes that smith was a member of the later adventuring party.

        What did they find that could provide perpetual energy?
        The parasite? One of the relics of the celestial crusade that were consumed to construct the Bomboldt? The exilarchy? The soul of the Raven Queen? Could be something entirely new.

        • Does the lack of reference to Trelle mean that the Salamander Coil has already got to her, since they were on the southern continent with her?

          • Josh Knights on

            They may not know of her involvement at all.
            Remember they met Trelle in the Fey wild, a location that they would have little to no way of gaining information from. The teams stint on the material plan was just a mad dash to return to the Fey wild as well, and the lack of reference to Ket would also support the idea that wherever they got their list from know the people involved only before the trip to the astral sea.
            Unless Lek is in fact a pseudonym for Ket, assuming Ket was his real name to begin with.
            It’s also possible that they didn’t bother to send a hit squad after Trelle because they already know where she is. The update to Randus’ title would also be simple. After all the information on who theyre looking for may be old but the information on who those people are would still be current. If I were asked to find a person who was last seen 6 years ago, and in those 6 years they had earned a PHD, I would still be able to identify that person as a doctor.

        • Frederick a.k.a. Darth Macho on

          OMG! The parasite is the source? Seems logical since Thony gave it to Orem, and it seems to have changed. I’m starting to get an idea about what might be going on. Then again, Rodrigo never fails to surprise us!

  2. Great work on audio.

    Loved the dialogue with the sword. Does Orem miss the clues to ask Little Sparkle about The Coil and other stuff or is that Stephen?

    • Depends on what clues you are talking about? Hint: Watch the titles for the next two episodes. Also, Orem is pretty caught up with the idea of opening a portal back to the natural plain than anything else…

  3. Josh Knights on

    I spent a lot of time in this episode trying to catch little hints.
    Whoever Lek is, he met them before the Lunar event. Thony is a possibility and seems likely at least at the moment.
    I also noted the “Lord” title attached to Randus and I spent like 10 minutes waiting for Stephen to pick up on that.
    As well as the fact that Little sparkle comes from the Southern continent, which was Trelle’s last know destination. Like immediatly after hering that and Realizing Orem was going to be leaving I just kept saying.
    “Orem tell your sister, make sure to let Kammis know….TELL YOUR SISTER!” Then when he finally does he totally fails to mention Trelle at all.

      • Josh Knights on

        Yes I thought so though sometimes it can be tough to tell.
        Though i suppose the title shouldn’t be too surprising really. The king of Diamond throne all but promised a title like that to anyone who came back and going back to help the Sundries sounds like a Randus thing to do. Especially if he was still feeling guilty over Torq leaving.
        I have to wonder though, in 10 years what has Randus been up to? I expect we’ll find out soon but it’s a revelation I look forward to. I certainly hope He found a way to march back into Tuberville and burn the place to the ground.

  4. Creigh Brigman on

    My guess is that Lek is Ket. Ket would be the kind of guy who needs a cover identity and he does have the soul of a god inside of him.

      • Josh Knights on

        He knew OF him, though they never met in person obviously. Though that wouldnt explain why he would appear on a list of known associates while Trelle did not.
        Unless all the people compiling the list knew was that Lek/Ket had contact with the torqultones and that Smith was a member of said group. After all Smith’s death was hardly public knowledge and their trip to the Astral sea took place so soon after their time on the moon it’s possible that most weren’t aware he died at all.
        This is, of course, all assuming that Smith stayed dead, which isnt always the case in D&D.

  5. I keep having this image in my head of an Eladrin sitting down to eat some food, and then suddenly, “Hello!” ……… “Don’t Worry I’m not going to kill you!”

  6. You mentioned that you had a little difficulty with rolls in Roll20, and that you could press the up arrow to go back. Were you guys also aware that you can create macros for your abilities, and the ability to add a macro bar to your list? Also, I noticed in the screenshots of the previous episode that you were displaying profile pictures in Roll20– I found that, particularly if you’re using the macro bar, the pictures take up too much space on the map. It’s possible to set that so that it displays names only, and even to change your display name to that of your character, if you so wish. All of these things can be changed in the settings tab (the gear icon)

    With that out of the way, I’m really enjoying the new season, and while I love the regular Critical Hit gang (Matthew is my favorite, followed by Rob) I’m enjoying the new players, and will enjoy it more when the audio issues are fully cleared up.

  7. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the last one as there wasn’t very much RP going on but this one made up for it in spades. Great job guys! Also glad to see the p-sword is making a return. I was almost worried you guys forgot about it.

  8. Frederick a.k.a. Darth Macho on

    Great session! It was nice and long too. Are we already parting ways with Sapote and Lily? I hope that means we aren’t losing two of our new players? I hope they have new characters to play in the Natural World. I am looking forward to the original crew joining them too.

    I’m certain that Professor Lek must be Thony. I wonder what he was working on that got the Salamander Coil all riled up? It must be BIG if it could provide infinite energy. I wonder if we will be venturing into the Elemental Chaos this season? I can’t wait to find out more!

  9. okay so there seems to be two schools of thought here, where either Thony, this is possible as we never heard his last name and he may have just wanted to lead a normal life after the moon.

    The other is that Lek is ket, this makes sense because Ket is the type to use false names, however he didn’t know Smith and Trelle isn’t on the hit list. UNLESS! smith, Randus, and Ket (lek) formed a school of some sort. This is assuming that Randus managed to Res. Smith from the bone dagger that he might still have as it was made from a part of himself.

    The one flaw in that plan is that i can’t ascertain why Trelle isn’t on the list, unless… SHE WAS DEAD THE ENTIRE TIME! (M. Night Shamalan)

  10. What if they are looking for them because Trelle is making too much trouble with her friend professor Lek on the Southern Continent?

    • Josh Knights on

      Then it would be strange that Smith’s name was on the list, being someone she never met, and not Ket’s.
      It’s possible that Trelle simply doesnt frame Ket as an ally or an asset, though that seems unlikely. She loved all her boys, even the more problematic ones, and despite some friction between them they did have a strong relationship. Take their conversation in the Woods as an example, and the fact that she trusted him to look over Elks contracts for her people. You might also count the fact that she trusted him to talk to the greater Fey for the group, though that may have been more out of fear than trust.

  11. Yay, yay, yay! Audio problems gone (or at least minimized to the point of not being overtly distracting), = happy listening! Love the direction this is going, and there is a chance that Smith was NOT killed :)

    Great job, and now my Saturday mornings are back to Critical hit over coffee, all is right with the world . :) Thanks to all involved!

  12. They knew Torq was a priest but not that Smith was dead? That’s weird unless…. Maybe Smith has been resurrected?

    I didn’t consider that Lek could be Thony (I thought it was Ket), but that’s a great idea. It would also explain why Ket and Trelle aren’t on the list.

    So far, so good.

    • Not that weird, when Smith died he was on the Moon if I remember right and after the Celestial Crusade Torq returned to the natural world as a priest. They could have assumed Smith was either in another continent or still in the Astral Plane or the Moon.

  13. Lowercase_de on

    I have finally caught up to current! Thank you guys for all you do.

    This season has a different feel to it. I know it’s early, but it feels like it has moved from a real play – role playing podcast to now a scripted audio drama type show. It just kind of feels like the players are on the rails. Like, did Sapote and Lily really have a choice to go with Orem?

    Anyway, hopefully once we get past these opening scenes and Orem goes out adventuring again, it’ll get better.

    Thanks again for your show!

    • Same here, at first I thought we only had Poison Oak and slightly girlier Orem, totaly missed Miss Birdemic!

  14. Kinda figured Little Sparkle was gonna be joining the full group given she was the only one who had more than just basic equipment. Very much like the new characters, and really look farward to Little Sparkle getting along with the Torqueltones. She seems pretty interesting.

  15. A new sovereign of one of the four seasons?! Which one could it be? Just noticed this upon resenting to the episode.

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