Though I entered comics fandom in the 1980s, one thing about that decades output always bothered me: All the damn vampires All the new costumes.  Due to the printing limitations of Golden Age comic presses (and, let’s be honest, some Golden Age comic artists) hero costumes were designed for quick and easy identification, and seldom, if ever, changed.  Since the Reagan-era, “getting a new costume” is a common sales tactic, and most of the highest profile heroes have multiple different costume looks.  Worst of all, the ones I like are never the most popular: Iron Man’s Silver Centurion armor, Spider-Man’s underarm-webbed red and black suit, even Steve Roger’s black costume as The Captain, all of which lead us to today’s out-of-uniform query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is happy to see that All-New All-Different Iron Man seems FINALLY to be getting away from that off-putting ape-looking faceplate, though, asking: What alternate costume is your unpopular favorite?


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  1. Having cut my teeth on comics in the 80s as well, I also share a love for the Silver Centurion armor.

    That time frame also cemented my appreciation for other costumes from that era, including:
    -Cyclops’ blue-and-white X-Factor costume post-“Fall Of The Mutants.”
    -Grey Hulk (although it’s probably a stretch to call that a “costume”)
    -Armored Thor from 1987-1988 when he was cursed with brittle bones.
    -Armored Psylocke from the Australia Outback days prior to passing through the Seige Perilous and becoming a ninja.

  2. Kyle Rayner’s second costume. I know so many people that hate it, but I liked it. I thought it was a step up from his original costume, which wasn’t too bad but was just a little odd to me. The updated costume had a bit of a GL Corps feel while still retaining individuality.

    In a different vein, I still love the actual costume design of Electric Superman. I absolutely hated Electric Superman, but I still thought the costume itself was pretty cool and would have been great for a different character.

  3. Malone_hasco on

    I think its Spider-Mans black costume to me. It came around in time I was still young and not accustomed to red & blue too much to resist change and it still looks pretty cool.

  4. I may be the only person who likes the following:

    – Aquaman’s blue ocean-camouflage costume
    – That “ninja Phoenix” outfit Rachel Summers once wore (it was one of the many one-off costumes JRJR did during his 80s Uncanny run that most folks hate but I kind of dig)
    – Supergirl’s poofy sleeves & hot pants outfit
    – I know a lot of people don’t like the pre-FYL Legion redesigns Giffen did, but while they’re a bit bulky they’re pretty sharp otherwise

  5. The original Captain Britain Costume. I also like The Captain’s costume (when it is not being conspurcated by freaking John Wa\lker, of course) and the Silver Centurion armor.

  6. How about mohawk Storm?
    Another that I always liked was the costume Power Man wore as Atlas in the Thunderbolts.
    Speedball’s “Carlito’s Way” trench coat was awful, but the costume under it was a good design.

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