One of the most over-analyzed released from this year’s Comic-Con (at least in my social media circles) is the announcement of the Green Lantern Corps movie.  There is a sort of mythology cropping up that states that the 2011 film outing for Hal Jordan was some sort of legendary flop, rather than just a CGI-laden snooze fest that bit off more than the creators could chew, with serious issues in tone and plot.  For some time now, DC has had a Green Lantern movie slotted for the year 2020 as part of their cinematic blueprint, but already, people in my feeds are opining that DC HAS to distance themselves from Ryan Reynolds, and especially from Hal Jordan, leading us to today’s blackest night query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) believes that such a film absolutely needs Kilowog, but the cases for other characters are harder, asking:  From your perspective, does a Green Lantern Corps movie need to have Hal Jordan in it?


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  1. Not at all. The Corp is FULL of cool characters that they can draw on. I think that this is a perfect opportunity to let John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz and Kyle Rayner step forward and shine.

  2. Nope. You could pick any other Earth GL or even leave humans out of the film entirely. If there MUST be a GL from Earth, there are plenty of other options. I wouldn’t mind if they made a patchwork origin for another Earth GL that uses bits of Hal’s origin story mixed with theirs (they did that with Kyle Rayner in “Superman: The Animated Series” before switching to John for Justice League), but I’d rather they leave Hal himself on the sidelines.

    Ideally, I’d say give John a go. He did pretty well in the DCAU, and would have wider recognition with non-comic fans who watched Justice League and JLU.

  3. StellarLeader on

    I believe it does, if only for name recognition. I don’t think it needs to be *about* Hal (please don’t be), but I think he should be a part of it. If either John, Kyle or even Simon are the main character, that’s good for me. Even better? Make this a Katma Tui or a Mogo film. Now if the main character ends up being Guy… then I might have a problem; I can’t stand that guy.

  4. I would love it if they moved away from Hal Jordan. Then did it so well that everyone wants to read more non-Hal Jordan GL comics. Leading to reduced Hal Jordan comic book appearances. This would be a definite yay.

  5. I don’t feel that people who aren’t already GL fans even know who Hal Jordan is so relegating him to an minor role or leaving out entirely doesn’t seem like ot would be a problem.

    • Even some GL fans don’t recognize or know who Hal is, such as those that were fans of the DCAU Justice League series but weren’t really into comics. I remember back when the JL episodes “The Once and Future Thing” first aired and had a cameo by Hal when reality shifted, I had to dig out some old comics to show my friend’s husband that Hal wasn’t just some random or new character.

  6. Billyjeenyus on

    G’Nort, most definitely! Just kidding, I’d prefer to see the early JL relaunch Guy Gardner with the bowlcut hairdo, shoulderpads, and big boots & gloves. No GL movie would be complete without Kilowag, you Poozers!

  7. Malone_hasco on

    Not at all, I always thought that alien GLs were much more interesting anyway. Any Earth Lantern would do for me and I would like to see Sinestro as well.

  8. Oh yes, it does need Hal Jordan (although not a version much similar to the comics’) and it must NOT have Kyle Rayner, nor Guy Gardner.

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