I’ve often wondered, does the person inside the suit HAVE to be the guy/gal we’re used to? Normally, I’d say “yes,” the reason the character is a classic is because the combination works!

But Mr. Snyder, Mr. Capullo and Mr. Miki are giving me pause with their “new” Batman, Jim Gordon in what my brother calls the “Transformers” armor.

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in BATMAN: “More surprises around every corner as the all-new Batman hits the streets of Gotham City!”


I thought this time I’d start off discussing what is the last thing we’ve seen in issues #41 and #42 – what appears to be Bruce Wayne showing up, but apparently not remembering he’s the Dark Knight.

Now, one thing I love about this creative team is that they keep surprising me, which is saying something given the number of years I’ve been a Bat-fan. When I first heard there was going to be a significant change in who takes on the role, knowing that Scott and Greg were still going to be holding the reigns was a big plus for me. When Dick Grayson took over the cape and cowl a few years back, I was a lot less enthusiastic even though it was Grant Morrison doing the scripting. Eventually, I knew (like I imagine almost every other fan did) that Bruce would be back. He had to travel through time to do it, but it did happen.

Well, leave it to Batman’s new “dynamic duo” to tantalize me with someone who certainly resembles Bruce to be relegated to a supporting role in the hero’s own title. But this has me wondering what’s going on. It seems really, really obvious that it is Bruce, but these guys have never gone the obvious route. So if it isn’t Bruce, then who is it? But it has to be Bruce… You can see my dilemma. I have absolutely no idea what’s really taking place because these guys have me in a mental spin as to what they’re truly up to. Please understand – I LOVE it when someone can keep me from realizing the “obvious” is taking place. It’s a great read! And as the Riddler once said in Batman: The Animated Series, “I HAVE TO KNOW” what’s going on!

And I enjoy an older Jim Gordon wearing the ears instead of the younger Bruce. I didn’t expect that, but he does bring a very different attitude to the role. I know that there have been other Bat-heroes who haven’t lasted, such as Azrael, but when things sort out and Bruce is back full time, I wouldn’t mind Jim being another member of the Bat-family who is stalking Gotham’s streets at night.

(And I’m glad this is working so well because I WANT to see Scott and Greg and company on the title for as long as possible! Keep up the great work!)


Look, Mr. Snyder gets my hard-earned bucks whatever he writes! Try as I might, I cannot guess what he’s up to, and I can’t get enough of that level of writing. It’s the best thing for an “experienced” reader like myself to enjoy!

The whole business of the Batmobile is addressed this time, as well as a new villain named Gee Gee Heung who can literally use Gotham as a weapon against the Bat-guy. Amazing!

And the Capullo-led art team continues to knock it out of the park every issue. I know nothing lasts forever, but I’m going to grieve big time when this group isn’t making Batman fly so high every month. Really!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Keeping Us Fascinated

Just as I’m sure Steve Rogers will be back in the Captain America role by the time the next Marvel movie focusing on him rolls around, I’m sure that Bruce will be Batman again when the Batman vs. Superman film comes next year, as I like to point out. But these guys are giving me a different perspective on the Dark Knight while Gordon is in the armor.

I’m a little sad that there had to be a change of the person who is Batman – I still think the character has lasted for decades because Bruce as the Dark Knight continues to soar, as Mr. Snyder and Mr. Capullo have proved for 40 issues. Yet I’m glad to read these engaging stories as long as the two and their team have good ones to tell us.

If you can’t see anyone else but Bruce in the suit, I’d implore you to give these two issues a try. I am one of the biggest Bat-fans I know, and I’m loving it! I highly recommend you dive into this new status quo regardless of how big a fan of the character you are – you won’t regret it!


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