No, it’s not the holiday season that comes in the last couple of months each year! Instead, it’s time for what continues to be one of the biggest – if not THE largest – comics event each year. For those who may have come in late, it’s called the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) International.

First, a reminder – the SDCC takes place this weekend, from July 9 through 12, with a preview night on Wednesday, July 8.

Here at, coverage of the event is already underway. To check out news from SDCC, just click on the button in the right-hand column of the site that has the SDCC logo and says, “Major Spoilers Coverage Here.” You’ll get as close to being there as you can!


Each year, I struggle to define just what it’s like to attend the SDCC. I’ve only been there once, and it was quite an experience.

You walk for blocks and blocks trying to get from one event/panel to another. I was exhausted after attending the con a few years back! If you’re going, my recommendation is to start walking now so you’ll be in better shape to walk from one side of the convention center to another, not to mention nearby hotels!

What SDCC is often known for are people who stake out their seat literally hours before the presentation they want to attend. I always feel sorry for the folks who run panels that most of the audience is NOT there to see – they’ll often be disappointed by the audience response, if there is one!

But what makes San Diego such a big event is all the news that is released during the con. I know some companies hold their big news until the convention is underway. When I was there, I found it very tough to even try to cover all the news releases that came out each day. In fact, the people I knew who were NOT there knew more about these things than I did because so many of the information was being sent out via the Internet. It was something!

You’ll see all kinds of promotional banners hanging on the sides of buildings as well as people handing out flyers for various screenings and panels. You’ll never lack for something to do! And there are exclusive items you can only get at SDCC, such as the Lego Batmobile set you can see directly below.


San Diego Comic-Con, New York City Comic-Con, SDCC, NYCC, event, international, Each year, I come across folks who can’t make up their minds if they want to attend SDCC this time or not. Well, I have sad news for you – if you don’t have your room arrangements made or your tickets already in hand, it’s most likely that you will NOT be going. (Of course, if you have tons of disposable cash or friends who live in the area, well, anything’s possible.)

I know many folks who go each year that make their room reservations for the following year as they are leaving this year. And the convention tickets go on sale and vanish within minutes, even seconds, each year. You’ve got to be on the Internet at the right moment and click with all you’ve got to buy your tickets. Some folks apparently have their own software that keeps trying again and again until they either have their admission or they tickets are gone.

As always, though, some companies appear to grab as many tickets as they can even before they go on sale so they can increase the price for those still hoping to go later on. Again, you need a boatload of money to snap these up, and even they’ll run out eventually. Yes, there are sometimes people trying to sell their tickets to people walking to the SDCC entrances, but that may not work out well if con officials or the local constabulary find you either selling or buying them that way.


Recently, the city of San Diego announced that they’ve signed an agreement with the SDCC so it will continue to be held there for at least the next three years. So, if you were hoping for some kind of change to take place soon, don’t count on it.

So if you can, start planning to go to SDCC sometime in the future. If you know someone who goes regularly, see what it would take to attend with them. If you don’t know anyone going, look online for groups who go. Reality gets in the way of comics at times, and a group may need someone to fill in a spot. You could be just the right fit!

If none of those work out, I’d recommend considering the New York City Comic-Con. There’s a lot of debate going on as to whether there are more attendees there these days than San Diego. It’s tough to know because many fans are coming and going all day, so if they count every person who comes in to the con, that may not be the most accurate way to know how many people are there. Besides, New York has a great many hotels near the con, so it might be cheaper and easier, especially if you’re on the East Coast.

I know, it’s tough to miss out on an event this big. But works hard to bring you as much of the news out of San Diego that is possible, so check in here on a very regular basis. Stephen Schleicher and the rest of the folks monitoring SDCC will give you the best coverage possible! I know I will be keeping track of what’s going on and helping out when I can, too!


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