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Nobody really knows what Rodrigo's deal is. He is a perpetual enigma, an unknown quantity, the X factor. He's the new kid in school, the unlisted number, the person all your friends talk about, but you've never met. How can one person be so mysterious, you ask? THAT IS ALSO TOTALLY A MYSTERY! You can try to keep tabs on him on twitter by following @fearsomecritter, but that probably won't help.


  1. I just hope we see the return of The Queen’s Rebelious Daughter. Heck, even A Manner of Sorts.
    Plot hook returns fo dayz!

  2. Intense Wizardry on

    Is a new female player joining? If the female character joins, there would have to be a female player because of Rodrigo’s rule.

    • Well, I don’t want to speak for Rodrigo; it’s entirely likely that there will be a new female player, but there is something to keep in mind. Rodrigo specifically says in Dramatis Personae that he mostly has a problem with cross-gender roleplay in one-shots and short-campaigns, presumably with unfamiliar players. Given that this group is relatively mature about these sorts of things, I doubt Rodrigo thinks someone in this current group wouldn’t be able to pull off a cross-gender roleplay. Incidentally, it will be 6 years tomorrow since Dramatis Personae and the subsequent first season of Critical Hit was released. Long live Critical Hit!

  3. Frederick a.k.a Darth Macho on

    OMG! Who are these people? Is this the new party? It this going to be “How the other 5th live?” Is that guy Torq? It was mentioned that whomever went with the Hogba wouldn’t be the same if they came back alive. Is this a transformed Torq? I don’t want to wait a week! Worst 4th of July EVER! lol

  4. talismanhex on

    I love this podcast! I’m just starting though, currently listening to episode #52, but I’m hooked. I like the green, leafy eye-brows, dude, but Ms. White Dot Cheek below him looks cool too! Either way, I’m sure I’ll love it! Keep up goodness guys!

  5. specialkail on

    Although most of these may be characters we’ve seen before… if that one is Irving Stonehouse (good eye anim) the one on the top left would be kammus.

    Irving stonehouse is the half orc that was moving the orcs around, right?

  6. specialkail on

    The bird man could possibly be dnd Brians bird character from the feywild. Or it could be Ket…

    Did he ever get rid of his spirit taint? I just listened through again and I didn’t seem to notice it seems like it just got dropped.

    • Keep listening- not to spoil it but since you asked (and because this is major spoilers): He does have a taint-cleansing essentially, and it gets removed in the form of him laying an egg. Later, the egg hatches and becomes a spirit raven as part of one of his daily powers, I believe.

  7. Intense Wizardry on

    Here’s another thing: I’m fairly sure it won’t be a whole new party with all new characters because we know Orem is coming back.

  8. Frederick a.k.a Darth Macho on

    I just noticed that the dude in the middle bottom row looks like a half-orc, but he has no horns. Interesting.

  9. Darius Jonna on

    Considering that there are so many of them, I shall cut my losses ad say…all of them. These are all the new playable characters that will appear in the season.

  10. stellarleader on

    And.. now I want to know about all of these characters…

    I am now listening to the final episodes of last season while I wait for OMG another-entire-week.

  11. Wait, if one of those is who Matthew will have to pick to replace Torq, may he rest in peace/funnel cakes, my money is on the bird.

    Matthew did some awesome role playing when he was that arcane humming bird, then again all the leafy puns and gentlemen orc jokes…

  12. Another week? NOOOO…. lol, I understand it though. This is the best show out there.

    So far as what character will be joining… I have my hopes for the fancy-pants half-orc.

  13. Fabian K. (slaglantern) on

    Why is it, that nobody wants to talk about the guy in the upper middle?
    Maybe he looks too normal.
    I totally want to hear Matthew’s version of a swashbuckling Nathan Fillion-type or something Captain Kirk-ish. Maybe the first Rogue of the podcast?

    Anyway, it’ll be great!

  14. Intense Wizardry on

    Guys, I think I know three of the characters names. This is a theory, but a while ago Rodrigo posted a Google Drive screenshot with three files in it entitled Sekhar Primer, Lily Primer, and Sapote Primer. Now, those sound a lot like potential character names. I’m thinking if my theory is true, Lily is the Eladrin and Sapote is the plant guy. Sekhar coul be a name for any of the other guys really, but I’m guessing the bird.

  15. It is obvious that there will now be 12 players now. It will be a wondrous cacophony. We all know Rodrigo loves huge noisy groups.

    • simonsimonforyou on

      Dude, I think you’ve nailed it.

      Legacy of Ghosts is going to take place like a hundred years after Lords of the Feywild, and Orem will be the only one to return!

      Maybe also Torq, because he could be done with the blue friend. Then everyone else is new. So it’s sort of like a reboot, with the two original characters returning, but everybody else is new.

  16. Jeremy McVay on

    I keep flipping through the site today, looking at the comicon news, but I am way more excited about THIS than anything else that y’all have posted…. Is it Saturday yet?

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