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Today, ClickOnComics announced several new features and books that will make their way to your smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They’ve also redesigned their iOS app to simplify navigation and include requested features that have already been released on their website. ClickOnComics also took another step in expanding their mobile applications by releasing their first Android app in the Google Play Store. Both apps are now available, and new features will continue to be added throughout the summer.

“This is an exciting time for ClickOnComics, our mobile developers are working hard to release new features this summer and revolutionize the way we read comics online”, said CEO of ClickOnComics Sergio Pedroza. “Our vision is to become the first social subscription service where all of our favorite comic book stories can finally unite. To make this a reality, we’ve added new content and are reaching out to new publishers every month.“

clickonClickOnComics has also announced a new relationship with publishers like Antarctic-Press and Heroic Publishing, which will bring several manga titles, and independent stories to their digital library. And to celebrate, ClickOnComics is offering a limited life-time subscription plan for only $4.99/month.

“Users who sign up today will be allowed to keep their monthly plan as long as they don’t cancel their account”, said CEO of ClickOnComics Sergio Pedroza. “We want our users to reap the long-term benefits of becoming subscribers during our start-up phase. As we continue to add more publishers, which we will, users who sign up today will never worry about buying a comic book they can’t afford.”

About ClickOnComics
ClickOnComics has transformed the comic book industry by delivering an affordable subscription service like Netflix to comic fanatics all around the world. Their cloud-based digital platform makes it easy to discover and read comics on all mobile devices. And with hundreds of titles and new publishers being added every month, they hope to become the first subscription-based platform where all of our favorite heroes can finally unite.

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