It’s no secret: I truly dislike the modern interpretation of Hal Jordan.  In an attempt to make him young and dangerous, DC editorial has succeeded in making him an utterly unlikable jerkface idiot, overtaking Guy Gardner in the list of “Green Lanterns who desperately need a punchinnface.”  Still, he admittedly has his fans, many of whom clamored for his return after he was lost in the ‘Final Night’ crossover.  Of course, by the time he returned, replacement Lantern Kyle Rayner had made enough of a mark that his fans were furious at his replacement, while fans of John Stewart at least got to see him in action in the ‘Justice League’ cartoon, while Guy Gardner fans waited for him to outgrow his body-paint hand-morphing days, which leads to today’s brightest day question…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a clear favorite which is in no way totally betrayed by today’s MS-QOTD image, asking: Which Lantern is the best Lantern in your eyes?


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  1. Saint Walker. He is a force of Hope and positivity and a generally good person.

    Of the Greens, it is Kyle. He has the most visually interesting constructs.

  2. Kyle Rayner has always been my favorite. I just love everything about the character, from his sense of humor, to his creativity and the way he used it in his constructs, to his various costumes which ranged from OK to a amazing but always included that awesome mask. Not to mention the fact that he’s an artist, which might cause my opinion to be somewhat biased. The whole concept of a superhero artist with powers that let him use his creativity in battle really grabbed me, and hasn’t let go since.

  3. G’nort, Perdoo and Dex-Starr all tie for me.

    G’nort may be a bit of a simpleton and probably the last being in the universe that should have a power ring, but I also think he’s the last being in the universe that would abuse the powers. He’s got a bit of a child-like innocence to him at times, but he can hold his own when he must.

    Perdoo is also reasonably innocent-like by way of insanity (he was chosen simply because he was the only being on his planet without fear, and he was only without fear due to being insane).

    Dex-Starr is a kitty. Not an alien kitty, but a normal housecat that wanted revenge because the lady who was nice to him was killed.

    I’d take these three as my allies any day, even if the more “competent” Lanterns were available. Except maybe Kilowog, just because he’s awesome.

  4. Kyle Rayner, always and forever, no matter that he’s not had a decent storyline involving him since.. well. Since “Rebirth”
    He was the Green Lantern that made the ring all about the power of the imagination.. he was the young rookie with the incredible potential. Incredible power, the legacy of a millenia of Lanterns hanging invisibly on his shoulders, and he was always, always, inspirational hope. He grew. Annnd then they took it all away from him to bring Hal back and I may never forgive DC for it ever again.

  5. Jeffrey Corbello on

    John Stewart.
    He has great depth. His military background makes him a great team player. His architect career makes his constructs by for the most interesting. He has lived and lost. To me he is the most believable and relatable go the GLs.

  6. I guess it is Alan now.

    The Corps Lanterns have all lost face and credibility by this point. Kyle is Kyle. Hal has become NuHal (aka Kyle Light) and, depending on the day of the week, former Parallax. Gardner is Gardner. I guess John is mainly ok, but I have refused to follow the GL boks for decades now, and I hear he has been retconned into a military past anyway.

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