I do love a great mystery! And one that involves one of the most reviled killers in history is sure to get my attention. Prey for Angels seems to move the story from the murderer’s familiar surroundings while mixing in some possible supernatural elements as well. I loved it!

DC Comics, Batman, Superman, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Truth, Arkham Manor, Bat-suit, armorPREY FOR ANGELS #1
Writer: Kristian Fraga
Adapted by: Ruben Romero

Artist: Sajad Shah
Colorist: Jorge Cortes
Letterer: Jaymes Reed
Publisher: Think Alike Productions
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Prey For Angels: “When terror strikes the heart of Paris and Parisian police are baffled by these gruesome murders, Detective Shelby of the mighty Scotland Yard is asked to bring his expertise to a case that may not be what it seems.”


It doesn’t take a great detective to figure out that the murderer who strikes terror into the hearts of victims everywhere is Jack the Ripper. So the question rises when a series of killings takes place in Paris that resembles Jack’s M.O, is the Ripper really back? After all, we never knew what happened to this killer. Could he have been laying low and finding a new place to indulge himself all this time?

Something else that at least drives me crazy is the presence of blood. Even though I spent several years working for a hospital, I still get queasy at the thought, not to mention the sight, of blood. Prey For Angels has plenty of red in this first issue, and enhances that with, shall we say, dismemberment? If this kind of thing is something you have trouble stomaching, you might want to pick up The Agency or Max Hunter, both from Think Alike Productions as well. But if you can dive headlong (Sorry, but that’s a pun if you’ve read this issue.) into the mystery and the graphic nature of this book, you’ll enjoy it. Also, there’s some sexual situations displayed as well, so you might want to be ready for them as well. Please note that they are important to what’s going on, though!

The book begins in Paris at a lavish party. One of the men in attendance, Gaston, finds himself strongly drawn to a mysterious woman in purple who is wearing a top hat as she descends a tall staircase. Before we know it, she and Gaston are in a horse-drawn carriage lost in sexual pleasure. Suddenly, the horses bolt, and the driver must work hard to stop them. When he tries to apologize to the people aboard, he finds that a murder has taken place, one that will reach across to the Brits, who send a skeptical inspector who they hope will be able to resolve things.

The pacing is intense when it needs to be, but also fast-paced when we need the plot to move forward quickly. I found the characters very believable even to feeling sorry for the victim of the first murder in this issue. Also, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the woman in purple as well as others, so it’s very engaging.


There are a lot of bloody and gory sequences in this book, and they’re doing horrifically well. I did wince a time or two, but anyone familiar with murder mysteries is likely to know that these kinds of happenings should be expected.

My only concern, and I did voice this to Mr. Romero after reading this issue, is that I would have like more darker tones on the pages. Ruben said the lighter colors than I’d have preferred was an editorial decision, and the choice of color I expressed may be something only a few others besides me would have wanted. See what you think!


I’ve long been a fan of crime stories like this one, and I really enjoyed it. Of course, I have to know the answers to some questions raised in this first issue, such as: Does Jack the Ripper really have something to do with what’s going on? Also, what’s up with the lady in purple? And I’ll be anxious to know just why it’s called Prey For Angels, too! I have to know because, for the life of me, I truly have no idea what’s going to take place next!

If your local comics shop doesn’t have this book, check out comixology.com at this link. It’ll be well worth it to get in on the ground floor with this title!

Prey For Angels #1


Murder Mystery

The start to a baffling mystery!

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