With the advent of the New 52 in 2011, the entire Justice League received new (or at least tweaked) costumes to celebrate a new universe.  Now, as the DCYou swings into action, we have brand-new looks for Wonder Woman (a busy battle-armory thing with pants AND sleeves), Batman (two words: Rocket launchers) and Superman (a look best described as ‘Superboy’s old costume.’)  Admittedly, each could be seen as an attempt to better the bland sameness of the Jim Lee-designed 2011 uniforms, and they’re better than Spider-Man’s armor, Spider-Man’s OTHER armor or Kyle Rayner’s 90’s dog-collar uniform, which leads us to today’s uniform query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) honestly has issues with all of DC’s Big Three in their new looks, asking: In your opinion, who has the WORST new costume?


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  1. More then anything the new WW costume reminds me of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) current (? Pre Secret wars) costume. It’s different, but I’m getting the same vibe off it. I think it’s the shoulders maybe?

  2. Amongst the three of them? Superman. Definitely Superman.
    I mean, if Bruce Wayne went around being robo-Batman.. ah, no, I’d still enjoy it, Bruce-Batman molds himself to fit into ANY kind of story, ANY kind at all. I mean, I can’t really imagine a story that you couldn’t include a Batman in. Robo-Bats is especially fine with the current guy who’s in it, though – Gordon strikes me as the kind of guy who’s practical enough to not get involved with superheroes unless he can claim to sort of be able to handle them at their level.
    Wonder Woman’s costume kicks ass. It’s one she MORE than deserves and again, it makes her look like a warrior and completely badassly awesome.
    Superman’s is… well, “lazy” would be the obvious choice of word, but on top of that… him wandering around all unkempt looking and t-shirt not only feels Un-Supermany, it feels.. unClarky. Like Superman is a symbol he’s comfortable with sticking to but he doesn’t really have enough respect for the icon to devote himself to the superheroicness of his costume, which.. worked really well for me with a teenage Superboy… not so much with Superman. I dunno, it feels like watching someone show up to work in sweatpants, and unshowered to boot, when he’s being Superman without even a semblance of a costume.

  3. I have always despised the 2nd Rocket Red armor, Elemental Firestorm, X-Men in black leather and Electric Superman.

  4. The new Lobo costume couldn’t be more generic. Spider-Woman’s new costume looks like someone at Marvel saw the new Batgirl costume and got jealous. The mandarin collars at DC across the board are bad. Did the Justice League all do some shopping together or something? Also, Hal Jordan’s new costume looks like someone really wants to be Jack T. Chance…or Grimjack a little bit considering the influence of Flint Henry on Chance.

  5. Batman with rocket launchers, give me a break. But the absolute worse is what they did to Superman. I guess its time to give up on DC and hope Marvel doesn’t mess up.

  6. Malone_hasco on

    Electric Superman. Not only it doesnt look good, but mistreatment of their icon and most recognizable super hero of all time over the years is baffling.

  7. I vote Wonder Woman.

    The bottom half doesn’t bother me, I could do without the sleeves, and I really don’t like the big shoulder things.
    But the part that outright offends me is the blades coming out of her bracelets.

    Yes, Wonder Woman is a “warrior.” But she is SUPPOSED to be a peace-oriented character who only fights as a last resort. Decking her out in body-armor head to toe and making lethal instruments a crucial part of her costume completely goes against what Wonder Woman is supposed to be.

    She’s not f**king Xena.

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