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Nobody really knows what Rodrigo's deal is. He is a perpetual enigma, an unknown quantity, the X factor. He's the new kid in school, the unlisted number, the person all your friends talk about, but you've never met. How can one person be so mysterious, you ask? THAT IS ALSO TOTALLY A MYSTERY! You can try to keep tabs on him on twitter by following @fearsomecritter, but that probably won't help.


  1. God, this looks so good. Would love this as a print with a “Critical Hit” logo instead of the “Who will return?”.

    PS: Thorkelson better returns or I’m going to kick some serious fey-butt

  2. Trelle isn’t for sure.
    Torq will not return for a long long time.
    Smith might actually be the antagonist this season (or at least part of the plot).

    During LotFW’s end, Orem was in crisis. He had already made up his mind to sacrifice himself and go with the Hogba. I think he saw it as his destiny. Then Torq took that cup away from him and he was forced into a Eladrin leadership position. It would be interesting to see where Stephen takes the character from there, but I can also see Stephen rerolling and trying something else.

    The others will return in some form or another.

  3. Intense Wizardry on

    We know almost for sure Orem is coming back because of that members only leveling up audio track. I’m fairly certain Randus is coming back, because you don’t give a character an airship and then just leave him. I think Ket has a 75 percent chance of coming back because although Asmodeus is probably pissed at him, I don’t think he’d kill him because he’s doing so well, also wee probably going to see the strife between patron and warlock as part of the plot. Treble of course isn’t coming back, and I think Torq has a 50 percent chance, but I think it is more likely he will not because almost everyone else is coming back probably.

  4. Here’s a crazy thought… what if Torq doesn’t come back… and Matthew plays Smith (and Rob continues playing Ket)?? For story reasons alone it could be a very different Smith than the one who sacrificed himself at the end of Four Against The Void.

  5. Frederick Pagliarulo aka Darth Macho on

    Will nefarious ghost pirate Long Beard Jackson make his long awaited debut? Do the ghosts have any connection to the ones that Trelle and Cammis dealt with in the past? Will whatever the Raven Queen transformed into have something to do with the plot? I can’t wait to find out!

    I’m hoping we get to see a reunion with Orem, Torq, Randus, and Ket, and wonder if there will be anyone new joining the party? Please, though, someone go back to Tuberville and rescue those poor folks!

  6. Wow, Critical hit has been an integral part of my weekend for… how many years now?
    Thank you guys soo much for the great show.
    I wold love Sir Brentzen the Bold og The Bird to return :) I know that we were let to belive that Sir Brentzen died but…….

  7. Hmmm, will we be seeing Ebeneezer Orem this season?

    Ghost of Orem’s Past – Smith
    Ghost of Orem’s Present – Trelle
    Ghost of Orem’s Future – Torque

    As Orem is visited by the ghosts of his failures, old friends Ket and Randus join him to build a statue, save the southern continent, and finally try to make sure that a certain 3/4 orc IS heard from again.

    • the ghost of Orem’s present wouldn’t be Trelle, it would be Kamis. She represents everything Orem is trying to get away from the Eladrin pleasentries, the “shut up and listen to dad”, the responsibility that Orem doesn’t want to face, She’s the one that he’s stuck with for the next however many hundred years.

      Ghost of christmas *ahem* OREM’S past would be Smith, however i don’t think that Rob will be playing him, i imagine a more dream Smith thing where Rodrigo is controlling him as a villain rather than an ally.

      future would most likely be himself. I mean, think about it, he failed to get out of the feywild, he failed to let Ket staywith him, he failed to go with the Hogba, he failed to impress his father, he failed to keep the party together. He’ll be haunted by the prospect of growing old and doing nothing, by sitting down and letting others fight, by becoming a ghost of his adventuring self.

      • I guess my original idea came from the fact that they put all 6 character portraits at the top of this article, which got me thinking what if Rodrigo brought back the characters who we know are out as ghosts under his control and are also literally Orem’s legacy.

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