Dead Squad: Ayala Tal
Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia (w) • Netho Diaz (a) • Jeff Langevin (c)
From the pages of DEAD SQUAD, the spotlight is finally shone on the mystery and history of Ayala Tal. Who is this sensual and savage killer? What does she want? And why?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Scribes Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia lay the groundwork for what’s to come for the “Dead Squad.”

DeadSquad_Ayala_01-1 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-2 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-3 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-4 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-5 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-6 DeadSquad_Ayala_01-7

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  1. Wonder if these people have actually ever seen an Israeli soldier. Also, those guns are both not right for the IDF (or Mossad or whatever) and Badly drawn.

    Also, the Hebrew on the signs in the protest is written semi-backwards. Each word is written properly, but the order of the words is reversed. It’s also a badly formed sentence, but that’s just nitpicking. And the Hebrew on the bus means “Treaty”, but this doesn’t make any sense in the context.

    If “Two years ago” is supposed to be back from right now, then the tech is too old, the weaponry is wrong, and the political situation doesn’t make sense.

    Worst of all, Hamsa does NOT mean Hand of God. Maybe in some vague, disconnected context it could be considered linked to faith, but:

    A) Hamsa is arabic for five.

    B) In superstition common in Israel (and presumably in the middle-eastern, north-African, and west-Asian nations from which many Jewish people emmigrated to israel), a Hamsa is an object that is meant to drive away misfortune. Sometimes by virtue of god, but still, superstition.

    The notion that an Israeli military operation would be named in Arabic betrays an utter lack of understanding about the area they’re setting up their story in.

    TL;DR: People should write what they know. And these people don’t know Israel from Pakistan.

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