Once the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four recently lost their monthly comic, reputedly to spite the upcoming Fox movie version of the characters.  The individual heroes are already slated to appear throughout the Marvel Universe during (and seemingly after) the Secret Wars, leading us to the strange sight of Sue Richards as an Agent Of SHIELD, and Johnny working the grill at a Jack-In-The-Box.  (One of those is made up, but both could make for an interesting arc of stories.)  Of course, it could be much worse: When the Justice Society was forcibly retired in the 1990s, many of their number were killed senselessly in the Zero Hour crossover, and the others aged and written massively out-of-character to explain it, leading us to today’s could-be-worse query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still thinks it’s a shame that Marvel Comics has come to this, but you can’t fight City Hall, especially when City Hall is a massive corporation, asking: Which of the fantastic heroes of the FF do you think will work best in separate/solo adventures?


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  1. Work best? Probably Thing.

    But ideally, I’d love to see Human Torch semi-solo, having a sort of “buddy comedy” series where he teams up with various characters. I always like when they portrayed Johnny as a smart-@$$ and had him riling up others, like his friendship with Spider-Man and how they would often have a back and forth of witty banter even in the middle of a fight.

    • Johnny is the character who seems to get the least play outside the confines of the Four. All of the other members have been Avengers, and Ben had his long-term gig hosting Two-In-One, but poor Johnny has only had a couple of luke-warm solo shots…

      • Starks Scraps on

        Marvel Two-in-One is one of my all time favorite series. Frankly I don’t know why they still don’t make this style of book. Do you know how well a Ms Marvel Two-in-One would go over right now?!

    • Malone_hasco on

      Human Torch would work quite well in Marvel Team-Up type of book, hes outgoing and impulsive, that leads to all kinds of situations.

  2. I think the human touch will. He is funny and I like more light hearted comics so I think it would be fun to see him by him self.

    Thing would be second in my book

  3. Chris Godbey on

    I’d have to say probably Ben, since he’s headlined his own solo series before. Multiple times, even. I think the closest Johnny ever got was the original run of “Strange Tales”, but he got replaced by Nick Fury after a few years. But in his case, I’d rather him get a team-up title with Spider-Man, since that’s one of the best bromances in Marvel history.

    Reed, I think, works best on a team. Sue could be interesting, there’s not many badass superhero mothers out there…but I think Ben would succeed the most on his own.

  4. Jeffrey Corbello on

    Sue Storm.
    She is one of the potentially powerful characters in the Marel universe but so underrated. Most people just think of her as the woman who turns invisible.
    You could even use that as part of the trailer. “Turning invisible is just the start.” Then show her unleashing.
    Have get rescuing the other FF members and her family. It would be the “Mother of All Superhero Movies”

  5. I think Johnny Storm would be the easiest kind of person to hold up a solo superhero series, because, let’s face it, out of all the Fantastic Four, nobody is more typically superhero-y than Johnny Storm.
    I think a Reed Richards solo series would be all but impossible.. because the best supporting cast Reed could ever reasonably have IS his own family. I WOULD, however, buy the hell out of a Dr. Doom/Reed Richards solo title where they’re teamed up and lost in space/time/alternate realities.
    Susan Storm’s someone I’d be really interested in… but only if someone could do it REALLY well. Like, I would have a higher standard for that title than I would for other FF solo titles, and I’m not sure why.
    The Thing’s had his own series before, and from what I understand it got.. weird, with much regularity. I would love to see a more street level Grimm series, him being a more active part of, heh, the Yancy Street community, trying to make a difference from the ground up instead of from the top of the Baxter Building. Perhaps work with Luke Cage on this, because Cage has always shown an interest on this – it could be the kind of solo title that ALSO earns Ben a spot on the Mighty Avengers team, because the more I think about that, the more I think he’d fit GREAT onto that book.
    So, yes. Ben Grimm gets my vote.

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