Let’s look at the banners for each season of Critical Hit (including the upcoming one)

This is the banner for the second season




(The first season was just the first handful of episodes which we just call the pilot season. Although storywise it’s still part of the Four Against the Void arch.)


So that’s cool, but did you know that weird monster in the banner actually means something?




This is the symbol the void cultists use to worship the five super-entities of the void:

The Monarch in Saffron Rags; She Who Slumbers in Agony; The Hidden Heart of the Ocean; Oggem, The Absence of Center; and Yemne, That Which Calls to the Silence. SPOOKY TIMES!


This is the banner for Season 3:




What do you notice about it? If you said “there are those rings behind the text” then you are very observant, better sit out the next few questions so the class doesn’t think you’re the teacher’s pet.




Yes, the rings represent the orbits of the holy cities of the Astral Sea. Good work, you’re so smart.


You guys remember this one, right?




This one’s a little more philosophical, when I made it I wanted to hint at a dark core inside the bright weirdness of the feywild.


Which brings us to Season 5’s banner:




Oooh… spooky! What does it mean, though? Use the comment section to theorize.

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  1. StellarLeader on

    Legacy of Ghosts? The first thing that came to my mind was the image of the desolated Drow city. Then the sentence “and they were never heard from again”. And then Professor Disaster Kings ghostly companions. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear it!

    • Eh I hope not. I feel like the guys have overdone the magic elf stuff. Even if we just move to evil magic elves Orem will still be the major player there. I rather have a natural plane story. But that’s just me that wants some variety. If Rodrigo has a great story he wants to tell with Drows. Go at it. If there is a DM I trust, it’s this one.

  2. I will be SO. GLAD. to hear you guys get back to D&D. I have tried and tried to get into the modern city campaign and it just isn’t working for me. I know, I’m in the minority, because clearly you guys are having fun. I guess I’m a one-trick pony because I love listening to the D&D. I am bummed Adrianna won’t be back but I do hope you’ll consider adding another female character; I know other podcasts seem to have greater representation. As to who will come back. . geez, who knows!

    • I do agree, although I love hearing you guys’ shenanigans every saturday, I feel Critical Hit is still the best entertainment Major Spoilers puts out (not to devalue other work: I love Top Five & MSP!!).
      The title is intriguing, I hope we are going to see Randus travel back in time (or future) and explain Missy’s presence or Thony!!!

  3. Quintis Maximus on

    Obviously a rift across dimensions is causing ghostly energy to seep in to the Modern City universe, which is the cause for the zombie gators, Jet-star’s powers, and PDK’s 1000 ghosts. Now the heroes from both worlds must unite to stop the rift from tearing reality apart.

    But actually, didn’t Trelle have something in her backstory about a war in the Shadowfell? I’m guessing it has something to do with that.

  4. The title card has 12 black dots…7 clans of and 5 houses of the central continent?

    Can’t wait for the new season. I hope either Zach or Mason get to join in on the fun this time!

  5. Somehow Stephen recovered both the lost images AND the lost recordings from the ghost pirates arch from S3!

  6. Frederick Pagliarulo a.k.a. Darth Macho on

    So many questions to be solved. What happened to Torq? That happened in Tuberville? The rebellion in Diamond Throne? What is the balance of power in the Astral Sea? What did the Raven Queen turn into? What happened to the drow? If Torq is “never heard from again” will funnel cake stocks fall to an all time low? Ack!

  7. Intriguing. Considering the trail of destruction the Torkltones left in their wake there’s certainly plenty of candidates for the “ghosts” in this title.

    Can’t wait to find out more.

    • Karl G. Siewert on

      I think it has to do with Smith, also. I don’t think he will return himself, but that the team will be called upon to do something for his family.

  8. Frederick Pagliarulo a.k.a. Darth Macho on

    Are they bullet holes? I’m pretty sure Randus was only a few sessions away from inventing the tommy gun. If there are ghosts, will Jetstar make a guest appearance?

  9. Chris from Orlando on

    I was first thinking of those lost at the end of the Celestial Crusade, but with the (what look like) bullet holes I’m rooting for a cowboy-zombie-western starring our heroes. It’s probably not, but fun to imagine none the less.

  10. Intense Wizardry on

    Maybe this is set long after the original seasons, after all the characters have died, and this is them in the Shadowfell or something?

  11. TheUnendingVoid on

    Last season was about family and loss. This season will be about characters learning to cope with their new lives after the traumatic end to last season. Torq is never heard from again, Orem is forced to leave his only friends to take up a responsibility he doesn’t want, Ket may be in a slump with possibly having angered Asmodeus by not following Orem or keeping the group together, and Randus… well Randus is Randus, but I think this season will certainly have as much development as the last one. I wouldn’t be surprised if years have passed between this season and the last one. I think the characters are going to deal with all the ramifications of their previous adventures. Smith’s death and Torq’s sacrifice particularly.

    • TheUnendingVoid on

      Another thing is that the situation will be much starker than Lords of The Feywild. Lords of the Feywild was basically a bittersweet rollercoaster, with ups and downs and everything in between. I expect the beginning of the season to be very grim and depressing, but at the end of it all there is gonna be a lot of hope, and I don’t expect as much bittersweetness, things will either end well or end terribly.

  12. Intense Wizardry on

    I can’t really remember the episode where the Raven Queen transformed. Could someone help me out?

  13. Jon Paul Crouch II on

    Hmmm, I have a few ideas swimming around my head right now; but something tells me this will either be about the strange disappearance of the drow, or that perhaps it will take place years into the future with them trying to figure out what exactly happened to Torq and what the elves that asked for Trelle’s help are up against.

  14. I think Trelle’s story with the elves will be skipped, I honestly don’t think Torq is coming back, at least not this season. I’m guessing Matthew wants to try something new and that’s cool. I would certainly expect this to be Shadowfell related as well as some drow connection. But honestly as long as Randus shows up on his airship and Ket’s still in Asmodeus’ back pocket I’m happy

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