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For the first time ever, ComixTribe has made its entire library of comics and graphic novels available at a steep discount, exclusively for backers of THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection Kickstarter Campaign.

The Standard Kickstarter was fully funded in just 36-hours. Now approaching its final week, series writer John Lees and ComixTribe are trying to raise additional funds to upgrade the book to an over-sized hardcover.

To help THE STANDARD push to higher levels and go over-sized, for the first time ever, ComixTribe has create an digital bundle of every title put out in its entire four year publishing history at one low price, roughly 50% off current Comixology prices for their titles.

“Many of these titles have been sold out for a long time, but that’s the beauty of digital… books never go out of print,” said ComixTribe publisher Tyler James. “To snag this entire collection on Comixology would cost about $100, but we’ve decided to slash that in half. And we’ll use the extra funds to help make John’s book bigger and better.”

The bundle includes every issue, every title, and every collection ComixTribe has published since 2011, 1000+ Pages of Content in all. The ComixTribe Digital Bundle can be added to any pledge for an additional $49.


THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection is a deluxe hardcover collected edition of ComixTribe’s critically-acclaimed superhero miniseries THE STANDARD. It tells the story of Gilbert Graham, world-renowned superhero The Standard in a bygone era, but now an elderly man living a quiet retired life as a high-school chemistry teacher. But when his former sidekick is brutally murdered, Gilbert is forced to don the mantle of The Standard one last time to find a missing girl his sidekick had promised to rescue before his death, to solve the mystery of his sidekick’s murder, and to inspire a world who has lost sight of what it truly means to be a superhero.

THE STANDARD is written by Lees, with art by Jonathan Rector and Will Robson, colors by Mike Gagnon, Ray Dillon, Gulliver Vianei and Mo James, and lettering from Kel Nuttall, with Steven Forbes serving as editor.

“We promised surprises and bonuses to backers throughout the campaign,” said John Lees. “This ComixTribe Digital Vault Bundle is just one of many.”

THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection Kickstarter can be found here.

About ComixTribe

ComixTribe is a publisher of creator-owned comics, including AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, SCAM, The Red Ten, Oxymoron, EPIC, and The Standard. In addition to being a publishing imprint, ComixTribe is also an online community, with the mission statement: Creators helping creators make better comics. ComixTribe also sponsors the annual 30 Characters Challenge, an online art event where participants challenge themselves to create 30 brand new characters in just 30 days, one for every day of November. Visit or email publisher Tyler James ( to learn more.


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