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  1. Fabian K. (slaglantern) on

    I’m weirdly conflicted about that one. Usually we get and drink Coke, so I can’t really identified as a Pepsi person anymore. Even Relentless Energy is more often my choice than Rockstar.

  2. Technically neither. I don’t know why, but a few years back I stopped being able to drink most dark sodas (with a few exceptions like Dr. Pepper or root beer) because they bothered my stomach, so I rarely go for a cola. But of the two, I not only prefer the taste of Pepsi, it also doesn’t make me quite as nauseated as Coke or other colas. I do like an occasional cherry Coke, but that is a once or twice a year thing.

    However, I do lean heavily towards other Pepsi produced drinks, such as Mt. Dew (although I can’t find my favorite anywhere near me, Mt. Dew Code Red), Gatorade and Mug Root Beer. The main Coke product I drink is Sprite, and that is only because I can’t drink Sierra Mist ever since they altered the recipe a few years back (I think my stomach can’t handle the natural sugar they use and even a 1/4 of a can will make me ill for about two days).

  3. TheGreatNateO on

    Well this by far is the easiest POW I have ever voted on. Well of course I voted Pepsi. It is The Choice of the New Generation that is Living for Now!!!

      • It doesn’t say product, just cola’s. Now if MD was a option then yeah but alias. Now if it was overall best soda then it’s Stewarts Key Lime.

  4. To be perfectly honest, pretty much neither, but if I have to, I lean toward preferring Pepsi. Something about getting really sick once as a kid when drinking Coke. Although Coke is preferable as “rum and Coke.”
    But if I have my choice of soda, it’s Jarritos Tamarindo. I love that stuff.

    • Rum and Coke is pretty much the only time I drink regular Coke, and I only do that once a year (my free birthday drink at one of the bars in town). Tried it with Pepsi a couple of times and it just didn’t taste right.

  5. Frederick Pagliarulo a.k.a. Darth Macho on

    I prefer Coca Cola over Pepsi, but I try to stay away from both, since I find them to be very addictive if I dare to indulge at all. If I do indulge, I tend to binge for awhile before having to force myself to give it up cold turkey.

  6. K. Kortekaas on

    I’m not a big cola drinker, but given the choice I’ll go for Pepsi. Unless I have Rye, at which point I have to use Coke as it tastes funny with Pepsi

  7. Clubberlang6 on

    I do not drink soda anymore (because it is super unhealthy and I use to be addicted to the stuff). I do love seltzer (polar vanilla is my favorite, black cherry is my second fav. ). When I was a soda drinker, I drank Pepsi, so that is how I voted.

  8. Really it’s neither, but coke owns Barq’s root beer and that has replaced all the blood in my body over the years.

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