One of the biggest disappointments when buying the Xbox One was discovering all of those Xbox 360 games wouldn’t work. Today, Microsoft announced its fix to rectify the problem by making all some a lot many those Xbox 360 games work on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made the announcement during Microsoft’s E3 presentation, and as you might expect, half of the planet shouted praise at the same time.  Didn’t hear it? Probably because of all the PS4 fans in your neighborhood.

Initially, 100 titles will begin working with the next gen system, but you’ll have to wait until Christmas, which apparently is how long it takes for Microsoft to develop the patches and updates for individual games. It is also the same month most of our Xbox Gold subscriptions run out… hmmm… is this a conspiracy in the making? IT IS IF I SAY SO! WHERE’S MY DAMN TIN FOIL!?

The backwards compatibility will work for online titles and retail discs. This announcement has been a long time coming, and should make second hand stores like Game Stop keep their doors open for a while longer.

via Tech Crunch


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