There are many battlefields on Doctor Doom’s Battleworld, but one in particular is under the protection of Captain Marvel and her elite fighter squadron.  But what happens when someone starts to question Doom’s will?  Your Major Spoilers review of Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1 awaits!

Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1CAPTAIN MARVEL AND THE CAROL CORPS #1
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kelly Thompson
Artist: David Lopez
Colorist: David Lopez
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Editor: Sana Amanat
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps:  Earth dead.  Doom wins.  Everybody stuck on a strange patchwork planet.  They’re Secret Wars, yo?



In the air over Hala Field, we find Captain Marvel (with a slight retro-style costume alteration to remind us that this is the rebuilt universe under the thumb of Victor Von Doom) leading her crack pilots in aerial drills.  Her team member each get a quick introduction ( a very well-constructed bit of business by our writing Kellys) before they are dispatched to deal with an incursion from the Hydra Empire.  The battle is cut short by the arrival of a virtual army of Thors, the designated protectors of the faith and dealers with broken borders.  Things are pretty quick, leaving Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers to meet her friend Kit, now transformed into one of the Thors, who tells her that Doctor Doom cast her hammer from “a star in the sky.”  Since Battleworld seems to lack both stars and sky, this confuses Cap, setting in motion the plot.  When she checks in with Banshee Squadron, she finds that Pancho has already considered these strange matters, even though it borders on blasphemy to the almighty Doom.


The problem with the issue isn’t really a problem with THIS issue, so much as it’s background radiation from all of Secret Wars: This clearly isn’t the Captain Marvel we know, and her world is somewhat undefined (especially as it relates to other SW crossovers, some of which have already featured a Captain Marvel, such as A-Force.)  When she is sent on a mission by her immediate commander, things are even more hazy, but the characterization is strong enough to help me work past it, and the solid artwork helps immensely.  David Lopez’s battle sequences are solid, and the blocking of the issue is excellent, especially in getting across the scale of Battleworld and the Thors.  As the issue ends, there’s a mystery man in play (who may be a Jim Rhodes, Carol’s beau in the regular continuity) and Captain Marvel is literally ready (and finally able) to find the other side of the sky.


All in all, this comic book serves its purpose, giving us the beginning of an interesting story about a mostly familiar Carol Danvers, even if the particulars of the setting are a little bit hazy about the edges.  Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1 has a fun story to tell, and strong art, making me want to see where it’s all going, regardless of Secret Wars-y noodling, earning 3.5 out of 5 stars overall.  I kind of want to go back and read the previous Captain Marvel issues now, as well…



A strange new world, but a familiar Carol Danvers, even if the Secret Wars trappings are kind of inscrutable...

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  1. Guillaume Berube on

    In Secret Wars 2 or 3 it was said that Doom and Strange used the leftover bits of destroyed universes to build Doomworld so I figure there was a few Captain Marvel in those, one in the A-force source and one in this one. Anyway I loved the Carol corps when they first appeared in Captain Marvel so it’s fun to see those characters again.

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