Earlier this week, while preparing for one of our podcast recordings, I took a moment to put myself in the proper frame of mind by engaging in some Grand Theft Auto V on my PS3. (What? Mental preparation is key to success, Lao Tzu said so. Or Mister T… One of those.) After my automatic assault shotgun caused my own vehicle to blow up in my face with only three shots, I realized all I really needed was a Mario Kart Blue Shell. Thinking about it further, I’d have settled for one of those Portal guns, which leads us to today’s 8-bit query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t necessarily want any particular weapon, so much as the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ weapon-wheel, allowing me to keep them all in my vest pocket, asking: What Video Game Weapon would you most want to be able to carry into another game?


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  1. The Red Ryder Special Edition BB gun from the random encounter in the very first Fallout would make a great addition to any arsenal. Amazing range and destructive power in a mundane package. Watching a bad guy’s torso completely explode due to a pellet gun pure ironic glory.

    • GeorgeDubya on

      I would go with the Rock-It Launcher from the same game. Nothing like loading a ton of random junk like Cans, Coffee Mugs, Baseballs, and Teddy Bears into that thing and blowing enemies to bits with it. I once rushed to get that gun as fast as possible and used it for the rest of the game. Where most would have switched to a mini-gun or rocket launcher, I stuck to my junk throwing marvel. Super Mutant coming at me? TEDDY BEAR TO THE FACE!

  2. Karl G. Siewert on

    In college we played an Artillery clone called Scorched Earth, in which your tank could be equipped with Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle warheads. The cry “MIRV ’em” would ring out as each player rained nuclear fire upon an enemy. That would be a nice thing to have in your pocket. :-D

  3. From Star Wars Galaxies, the Nightsister Energy Lance.
    It just looks awesome, even if you don’t include the periodic electrical charge that runs along the weapon. I actually have it in a few other games (usually as a mod skin for another polearm) and in Second Life, but I’d love to have it or at least a similar weapon in even more games.

    And while not exactly a weapon proper, EverQuest sold a special appearance item for charity a few years back that turned a weapon appearance to a plain cardboard tube. It kept the damage, stats and other aspects of the weapon, merely changing the appearance to that of a plain long cardboard tube like you might have after using an entire roll of wrapping paper.

  4. I love when deadly force can be combined with utility. For me it’s a toss up between the gravity gun from Half Life 2 or the scporion grappling hook from the Just Cause series. Both can be used to destroy, maim, and kill in inventive ways.
    I would love to take these to different games. In fact if you were playing GTA V on the PC one of them has already crossed over. http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/05/25/grand-theft-auto-5-pc-mod-adds-just-cause-2-grappling-hook

  5. I’d like to bring my Baldur’s Gate II item that summons an Efreeti to fight for me once a day. I love summoning things. Summoning something that has its own spells(and its own turban) is super useful.

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