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Comics Uniting Nations, the project using comics to educate people everywhere about the United Nations’ upcoming Global Goals for Sustainable Development, announces an additional round of contributors.

“We’re working with creators and publishers from around the world to create a series of Public Service Announcements tied to the Global Goals,” explained Josh Elder, Co-Founder of Comics Uniting Nations. “These single-page comics will be designed to engage and educate readers about the Global Goals, inspiring them to learn more and become heroes for change in their own communities.”

“We all live in the same world,” said Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, “and we are not doing a good enough job preserving it. We have to do better, and we have to try to show people that we will need to do this together. This project wants a better world, so it’s really about making us all better people.”

“I’ll be doing a PSA for the topic “Life Below Water,’ focusing on pollution of our oceans,” explained Janet Lee. “Our oceans, like our air, belong to everyone and everything on this planet. We need them, and frankly they need us.”

The initial PSA talent lineup includes:

  • Boom Studios (Lumberjanes)
  • Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba
  • Janet Lee
  • Katie Cook
  • Neil Kleid
  • Nick Dragotta (Howtoons)
  • Trevor Mueller & Gabriel Bautista (Albert the Alien)
  • Robert Berry
  • Jim McClain, Rose McClain (Solution Squad)
  • Otis Frampton (Oddly Normal)
  • Brian Boyd (Grammarman)
  • Rasheed Banda
  • Tod Emko & Ethan Young (Piggy’s Tale)
  • Sam Hart
  • Ted Anderson & Dave Windett

“The United Nations has worked in collaboration with the film, radio and television industries for years,” says Maher Nasser, Director of the Outreach Division, UN Department of Public Information. “The comics industry is a natural creative partner to develop informative and entertaining content, particularly for young people. Comics Uniting Nations is an exciting new initiative that can help us engage support around the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed by governments in September.”

Comics Uniting Nations is currently raising funds to create a series of educational comics in multiple languages to explain the United Nations’ forthcoming Global Goals for Sustainable Development – an international effort to address humanity’s most pressing challenges such as extreme poverty, hunger, health, education, sustainable energy, inequality, climate change and more.

The materials produced by Comics Uniting Nations will be one of the central pieces of learning content distributed via The World’s Largest Lesson, communicating the Global Goals across different languages, cultures and literacy levels. The comics will be made available in print and for digital view and download from mobile platforms – potentially sharing the UN’s Global Goals with hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

“As part of the World’s Largest Lesson, the Global Goals will reach kids everywhere in an engaging way,” says Natabara Rollosson, Co-Founder of Comics Uniting Nations. “The comics will educate and inspire kids around the world on how they can become heroes in their own communities, serving in the cause of these life-saving goals.”

Comics Uniting Nations is an independently financed project and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It needs the support of the comics community to see fruition. For more information or to pledge, please go to:


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