Last Wednesday, the final one of May, was the day when DC’s Convergence event came to a close.

The DC Universe in comics is now a different one, and I thought I’d share my opinions on how things will go from here.


DC Comics, Marvel, House of M, Civil War, Korvac Saga, Convergence, event, Crisis, Multiverse, Multiversity, For decades, DC has been criticized for having a Multiverse. Too many characters to keep track of! Too many universes, and they’re numbered! Multiple versions of the same heroes! Crossover events that required the reader to know what was going on previously!

In response, DC kept paring back the number of universes available. Each “crisis” and “zero hour” and the like paired back universes into a more “streamlined” version so that readers could keep track of things.

I have to say that I was okay with all this, but I never had problems with a Multiverse. “Our” universe always had to stay the same so that the monthly titles could keep coming out. But the rest? Anything goes! And I liked that.

Another complaint I kept hearing (and I’m sure DC heard it, too!) was that all the old, beloved stories kept getting wiped away with each “streamlining.” “My favorite story has just been invalidated!” I kept hearing people say even though they owned the comic they were referring to and could keep reading it. As long as I can read it, I’m fine with it. I must have been in a minority position. That was, until now.

Basically, things are set up as they were in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity series. That opens the doors for everything to be valid and anything could be possible and followed up on, seems to me.

I like that! As long as there’s a good story to follow up a previous good story, I’m all for it! As I mentioned in previous columns, I’ve enjoyed seeing old favorites come back. Hey, I just might get to see them again sometime!


DC Comics, Marvel, House of M, Civil War, Korvac Saga, Convergence, event, Crisis, Multiverse, Multiversity, I don’t think I should ever be surprised, but there have been a lot of posts online that seem to echo what I’ve heard when talking with people. Most DC fans loved it – one person called it the BEST COMIC EVER – while most Marvel fans hated it.

It’s interesting to me that, while Convergence and Secret Wars are very similar on many levels, the outcomes will be very different. What DC accomplished decades ago – the merging of the many universes into a single entity – Marvel will make happen soon, if the rumors are correct. At the same time, DC’s spread things back out again so there is NOT only one universe.

Some folks have said that they’d just gotten used to certain events being lost forever, so they’re upset that they’re back. Others can’t wait to see what DC will do with this new status quo.

Some New 52 fans are very upset that it’s now just one of the many DC universes. “I invested all that money in a ‘new’ DC, and now it’s only one of many!”

Everyone always asks for their money back, regardless of which “side” they take. Let me tell you right now, DC will not be sending out checks any time soon. I also expect all those fans who hated the New 52 and swore never to buy another DC comic to at least sample what DC’s going to be offering, at least in the next few months. Either that or those fans were just blowing smoke, sadly.

Still, Convergence did pretty well when it comes to sales given the fact that it was largely untested and many stores struggled to decide just what to order and how many.


DC Comics, Marvel, House of M, Civil War, Korvac Saga, Convergence, event, Crisis, Multiverse, Multiversity, I have to say that I’m intrigued with the books DC is offering starting this Wednesday. Like the New 52, not all will survive. But I’m fascinated to see the various “old” concepts get another chance, like Bat-Mite. If you haven’t read World’s Funnest with Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk, you need to get that and read it! It had wonderful humor mixed with pokes and jabs by DC at itself, something I loved.

I find it funny to listen to Marvel fans criticize DC for “bringing back” “old” concepts when Marvel’s basically going to be flooding the market with “old” concepts of their own, with everything from Secret Wars to The Korvac Saga to Civil War all being trotted out again. My brother and I took comfort that there was at least one Marvel event that hadn’t been brought out again – as my brother called it, the “Outhouse of M.” Then we looked at the latest Previews and saw that even that event was being revived. As Charlie Brown used to say, AUUUUGHH!

What worries me is that, a few decades ago, Marvel apparently attempted to flood the market with a second version of just about every comic they made. Thor had Thunder Strike, for instance. Just about every hero had an alternate version coming out as well.

From what store owners who struggled through that time tell me, the industry nearly collapsed. One person told me that Marvel fans were no longer able to afford buying all the Marvel books, so they just stopped buying comics at all! Others looked over the quality of the books they bought, and if they were found wanting, cut those titles from their subscriptions, keeping only the ones they really liked. Collectors became hard to find in those days.

Is this what Marvel’s up to again? I hope not, but trotting out events yet again makes me wonder.

I’m proud of the level of coverage gave to Convergence. There was a LOT to review and keep up on, and it all still happened. I’m sure you readers can expect thorough examination of Marvel’s pivotal months ahead, so hang on tight!


Again I say, by the end of 2015, the industry will be a very different place than it was back in January.

I think events will continue, particularly from Marvel. Will they piggyback onto each other as they have recently? Maybe, but I hope not. I’d like to see more emphasis back on individual issues and stories.

I’m gratified that several characters who had faded away now have at least a chance to be found on the racks of local comics shops. The story’s the thing, and I’m hopeful that will make being a comics reader more fun than being a comics collector.

Is this the last time we’ll see comics change? Not a chance, but I hope we’ll see fewer changes and that they’ll happen less often. I always enjoy saying that if you cannot come up with good stories for a hero, get off the book and let someone else take over! Don’t make that person become someone unrecognizable to fans! Make your own character if you have to!

I’ve told you what I think. Now it’s your turn! What was your reaction to Convergence? What are you looking forward to from Marvel in the next few months? Be sure to share your opinions below!

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  1. I really enjoyed the Convergence series. I have been out of comics since I was a kid, but this series and the Secret Wars are bringing me back to comics. Even better is that I get to see some old familiar faces again. Plus I like a nice tidy series, and I think Convergence 1-8 was a good story and it exposed me to other universes that I either didn’t know about or did not bother to read. I have since started searching for those books and series. So all in all, I’d say DC has done there job with this one and hopefully Marvel will do the same with Secret Wars. Can’t hardly wait. Glad to be back in comics again!

  2. Regarding Convergence: I finally got to see Dick and Barb get together after 20+ years of waiting. Thats a plus.
    DC is experimenting again with Bizarro and Batmite. I hope more all-ages comics are published. I’m tired of grim and gritty.
    I’m not much of a Marvel fan, but if they publish Alpha Flight, I’ll try it again.

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