After considering yesterday’s ruminations on the inspiring leadership of the Supreme Autobot Commander Optimus Prime, it seemed natural to consider the inverse property, or as I like to refer to it, “The Ultra Magnus Principle.”  Our man truck Magnus seems to be a fine Autobot warrior, and a trusted advisor to Rodimus Prime in many situations, but repeatedly proves himself not ready for the overall job of field commander.  (Hint: When half your fighting force has seemingly just died, “I can’t deal with that right now!” is bad for morale, no matter how stressed you are.)  Still, there are worse folk to follow in fiction, from the erratic, chaotic-evil madness of Randall Flagg to “Whomever Is In Command Of Any Given Death Star”, leading us to today’s literally misguided query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that THIS is why you shouldn’t immediately tell me the opposite of whatever a given day’s MS-QOTD is, asking: What leader would you NEVER follow, even down the street to the hot dog cart?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Those blue runts on Oa. Each time I see them open their mouths I almost not want to have a ring that that does pretty much anything. Incredibly rude, ignorant and short sighted for so someone old, no wonder Sinestro jumped ship.

  2. I wouldn’t follow Duke or Cobra Commander. Can’t trust either of them.

    I wouldn’t follow Bruce Wayne Batman. I make that distinction because I WOULD follow Terry McGinnis.

    I wouldn’t follow Rodimus Prime or “Beast Machines” Optimus Primal (“Beast Wars” Primal is fine, though), nor would I follow the Bay movies version of Optimus Prime.

    I wouldn’t follow about half of the Super Sentai red warriors for too many reasons to list, at least not until near the end of the seasons when they actually start living up to their role.

  3. Yoda.
    Dude was wrong about SO much. Terrible leader, led the Jedi to near extinction and really got the ball rolling on the Clone Wars through his incompetence. Many of Luke’s successes came from doing exactly what Yoda tells him not to do.

    • I wouldn’t follow most, probably ALL of the Jedi. Luke is the only one I’d trust, but I’d still second guess anything he says too because his track record isn’t great either.


    • There are so few Jedi I would follow, with the few exceptions being those that aren’t even proper canon such as Jaden Korr (the character from “Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy” and expanded upon in the EU novels) and Bardan Jusik (from the “Republic Commando” novels, who technically left the Jedi Order and became Mandalorian alongside the clones who deserted around the time of Order 66).

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories and games that feature Jedi, but there are so few I would trust completely.

  4. I have a feeling following Deadpool would just end up working out horribly. But at least horribly in entertaining ways, which is why I’d at least follow him to a hot dog cart, which is more than I can say for Hal Jordan.
    Still, the one guy I would absolutely never be able to bring myself to trust, with absolute confidence any plan they’d make would just lead to ruin?
    Doc Green. That guy creeps me out to no end. You just know he’s going to ruin himself.

  5. The Joker…because, well, HE’S THE JOKER!
    I mean how many henchmen has the dude killed over the years? Not to mention how he treats his main squeeze, Harley Quinn.
    Remember Bob from ’89? He was Joker’s number one guy, and the dude STILL shot him to death!

    Also Dr. Doom…because even though he comes up with some great plans, and I might have everything I could want for a while, I know that it’s only a matter of time before he stabs me in the back, or subjects me to any number of bizarre experiments.

    • I would follow Doom in the sense of I would willingly be one of his subjects as a citizen of his country since he seems to treat them well (at least in some incarnations). But I wouldn’t follow him on any excursions or attempts to battle anyone.

  6. Commandant Klink, from Hogan’s Heroes, rather obvious… anywhere but the hot dog cart; even worse when SS Major Hoffsteder is sniffing around Stalag 13…
    Doctor Claw & Inspector Gadgett: both sides whether you end up folded, spindled, or blown up including the hot dog cart
    Agent Smart from Get Smart, (the same problem as Gadgett) THRUSH poisoned hot dog
    Boss J.D. Hogg, trusting a man who has swindled just about everyone in the Hazzard County phone book. And his own kin that say, “Never trust a man with sweaty palms….” $30.00 Hazzard Hot Dog
    Major Frank Burns, (aka Ferret Face {M*A*S*H}), would sell out his own mother and sell you out if you’re between him and “Hot Lips” Would find out someway to link hot dogs with Communism…

    Starscream, (not what I’d consider a leader to trust and as evidenced in the Animated Movie, then reduced to a pile of dust by Galvatron)
    Cobra Commander, never trust a used car salesman megalomaniac, (from the Marvel Comics version)

    Lieutenant Harris, (Police Academy), : somehow you just might go thru a blue door of the “Blue Oyster Club as you try to get to a hot dog stand”
    Lieutenant Frank Drebin, (as evidenced in the Naked Gun Movies), if you happen to be his partner, (OJ’s spot)….
    Darth Vader unless you have the favor of the Emperor as Tarkin did anything Vader plans if you disagree. you’d end up all choked up and not even the Heimlich Maneuver is goin to save you…
    Following orders from John Connor(Terminator Future), but the benefits, (Sarah Connor) would be worth it till the pipebomb and not knowing that your son sent you to your death would suck but you’d never know….)

    Mr X from Final Fight 2 , he doesn’t care he’ll shoot everyone, the hero and those on his payroll….

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