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Modiphius Entertainment has signed up Ben Miles’ card game LUGU in which three or more players of all ages use card decks of abstract images to create a story together, while still competing for the highest score. It combines the fun and creativity of Dixit with the freedom and originality of Rory’s Story Cubes.

LUGU was originally self-published by Ben who has always enjoyed creative games, “I like games that allow players to create stories such as Stupid Duel, Dixit, Snake Oil and Braggart. I found that within my game groups, we often carried the story on from one play to the next, so over the course of an evening we would have created a complete story together. I wanted to incorporate this idea into a game, but in a way that was abstract enough to enable players to be as creative as possible, while still allowing players to compete against each other.”

Ben has found that LUGU brings out the creativity in all kinds of players: “One time, I was playing LUGU with a group of non-gamers. One particular person was not very keen on games and also felt that they were not very creative. They were slightly shy and didn’t have the confidence to join in with the game, so they decided to sit out and watch. During the first round of the story, I could see this person’s eyes light up and asked if they wanted to join in with the rest of the game. They did, and the characters, events and adventures that came out of this player’s mind were some of the most ingenious and hilarious I have ever heard!”

This portable and highly-replayable game includes 6 decks of 22 cards featuring original abstract artwork, which the players use as inspiration to create a unique story together. In each round, the storyteller uses 4 randomly selected cards to create their part of the story, while the other players attempt to correctly match the storyteller’s cards with cards from their own decks. Each player takes a turn as the storyteller, building onto the story from the previous player, resulting in a different collaborative adventure every game.

LUGU will be available in June!


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