Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Crisis On Infinite Hamburglar Edition


Recently, McDonald’s unveiled a new look for their sorta-beloved Hamburglar character, one that has been described as low-rent, creepy and reminiscent of porn parody films.  Indeed, there’s a community theatre sort of look to the character now, as though somebody intentionally tried to look like somebody slapping together a Hamburglar costume at the last minute for a party.  Working near Stephen and Otter Disaster for as long as I have, one tends to get a sixth sense for conspiracy, which has led me to wonder if whomever came up with this campaign was INTENTIONALLY courting hipsters (for the irony) and aging Generation-Xers (for the nostalgia), and kit-bashing a Hamburglar that is intentionally a little goofy in the hopes of a “viral hit.”  It wouldn’t be the first time a corporation has done something incredibly dumb to get a little audience attention without worrying whether it’s good or bad attention (such as when Superman III featured a prominent role for hot property Richard Pryor, for some reason), leading to today’s all-beef query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is mostly flummoxed by how much he resembles comics pro Matt Fraction, asking: Do you suspect, as I do, that McDonald’s intentionally made the new Hamburglar chintzy and “ironic” to appeal to aging cynics?