In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: We spend a little time talking about the mechanics of building an encounter and discuss consequences in the FATE system.

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Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. Hey guys,
    I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ and for ages I have held off commenting. on the series. i have to admit, i’m not enjoying the Modern city stories. The World building and set up were amazing, but once the story started i have found it to be increasingly dull, and finally i have had to stop. It was actually a few episodes back. It’s no one person or thing, its just… not for me. maybe it’s the Fate system, i dont know. but it’s just not been a thin i have enjoyed.

    I look forward to you moving back on to something else, be it the main game or something else. I hope this hasn’t been like, offensive or anything, but yeah… it hasnt been fun for me.


    • Not everything in the world has to be universally liked. You may like pistachio ice cream… me, not so much. You may find a type of music to be THE BEST, that woman over there, not in the least. If you don’t like the Fate system or Modern City, that’s okay, we aren’t holding it against you. Thanks for giving the Fate system game play a try!

    • Same here. I loved the setup and the story up to the gator fight. Since then it’s kind of slowed to a crawl, then a complete halt for me. I’ll jump back in once the next season of CH starts.

      Guess I’m not a huge fan of FATE.

  2. Gtz on the 300 episode.
    Cant belive the show have been going for soo long.
    Critical hit started and I got on board just as I moved to another country, so to me this show is also a counter for how long I’ve been “away from home”.
    I love Modern City and will do everything I can to see it continue.

    Stephens intro made me remember the “real” show and oooh man do I look forward to hearing from those guys again.
    Pleace dont let Torq never be heard from again, I dont think I would be able to get over it, sniff, sniff.

    But maby we will se – The Bird!

  3. Frederick, aka Darth Macho on

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to getting back to D&D as well. I think the storytelling and characters of Modern City is fun, but I don’t understand the system too much. I feel like I had a lot of the same questions that Stephen had about how mechanics like aspects, stunts, and fate points work, and just when I thought I had it right, the more experienced players like Rodrigo, Rob, and Brian would be “not quite” and explain it again. only to make me more confused. I’d probably get the rulebook and attempt to figure it out myself, because it IS intriguing, but I can barely find time to play D&D these days. In any case, thanks for the podcast, it’s still my favorite.

  4. I understand you’re only a quarter of the way to the goal of doing another stand alone RPG podcast, but is modern city (and consequently the fate system) set in stone as that game?

    I too, am not enjoying the modern city story arc. As Craig said before me, the world building seemed much more fun than the actual game has turned out to be. That’s not a crack at Brian, I think the story he is presenting is an interesting one and the characters themselves are enjoyable as well but perhaps it’s the fate system or possibly even the fact that it’s a modern day and not a fantasy setting. I can’t exactly put my finger on why I’m not enjoying it I just know that when I open up the major spoilers site and see another new modern city tale I just get the feeling of “well maybe next week…”

    Perhaps I’m alone here, I don’t see the opinions in emails directed to the crew about the current story arc, nor do I see the numbers of downloaded podcasts, but I do know that the 5e story, on Its Worst Week, Had As Many Comments As the modern city story did on its best week once you get past the world building. Comparing best weeks comments numbers between the two stories, 5e has modern city beat by twice as much. Would you consider doing a pole to find out whether the listeners would rather hear a 5e game instead of a fate game if and when your members total would reach that high? I for one would definitely consider becoming a member if it meant listening to the crew play a running game in 5e, the continuation of modern city on the other hand, not so much.

    • If you are looking at JUST comments, your logic may be a bit flawed. The comments from 5e do not represent people who liked the gameplay, most of the time it was quite the opposite. The numbers are strong, and continue to grow week from week, and yes, you do not have access to our emails, twitter, etc. where we received a great deal of positive feedback regarding Modern City.

      Regardless of what our next podcast is, we can’t continue the current lineup of shows without support for what we do. And that does mean there will come a day when Critical Hit will have very long breaks between episodes or we will not continue to be able to produce our shows because we don’t have the support from listeners like you. Your support now, says a lot more than a “maybe some day” statement.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Stephen Schleicher on

        By the way, it is okay if you don’t like fate or modern city. The point of the off season is three fold: 1) we get to try something different because different is good. 2) it gives the DM a chance to prep for the next story arc, and it gives other players a chance to DM, and 3) it is a great way to attract new listeners to the program. To date we have recorded over 300 episodes of this podcast and well over 1400 others shows. Some you will like, some you won’t, and that is okay. We are very proud and happy with what we’ve done these last 9 years at Major Spoilers and want to continue to entertain as many people as we can. If that means trying new things and diversifying, then that is what we will continue to do.

        Have a great week!

        • I always enjoy listening to you guys. But since I’ve been “caught up” on episodes, I have just been downloading them and waiting so I can binge listen to a bunch of episodes in a row. I’m just weird. So the last episode was the bank job, and it was time to catch up. Great job guys.

          I don’t think you can gauge popularity on a few negative comments. Because there are a lot of happy listeners that never make comments, and we all know that the “Squeaky wheel gets the grease” So here is a positive comment to throw into the ring.

          I think this setting fits more closely to the Major Spoilers brand, and I think you guys are having more fun, and that comes across when I listen to each episode. That’s what I want to hear. People having fun.

          On the website, I would like to see more “stuff” generated, like city maps, costume designs, super hero logos (maybe even sell some t-shirts with the logo, we could wear them at Gen Con)… But a detailed city map would be awesome, along with an area map. Maybe it’s here, I don’t see it. Would help me to visualize the setting…

          Thanks for all the hard work that you guys do.


          • We currently have coaster and tumblers for sale AND t-shirts are coming as soon as I get some information back to our artist.

            Thank you for your comments!

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