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Boston comic creators “HBComics” have announced “Team Synergy,” a comic about a super-team of young girls, and aimed at getting young female readers interested in super heroes.

According to the creators, the book was very much inspired by their own daughters and nieces.

“As a father of two young girls, I could not be happier to finally be announcing this book.” said Chris Hebert, the art director/colorist for the series, in a message on facebook. “Trying to find super-hero stuff to get my daughter into…there just wasn’t anything out there with her in mind.”

The announcement, coming from the HBComics’ facebook, offered the following insight to the new book: “Young, Super-powered. Family. Five teenage cousins, under the guidance of their great great grandmother, learn how to be superheroes, and about where real strength comes from. For every young girl who never had a super hero of their own to look up to, HBComics proudly announces a new ongoing title. Written by Alan Hebert (Writer of Lazerman) and with art by Scott Shiver (Blokes’ Tomb of Terror) and colors by Chris Hebert, Team Synergy will premiere in October.”

HBComics has promised the team includes young women from a variety of backgrounds. Promotional materials released include bios for several of the team’s members, including a character named Glitterbug, who struggles with self confidence and weight issues. Included in the bio is a quote: “Heroes come in all sizes, and shapes.”


About HBComics™: HBComics™ is an independent comic book publisher, founded by two brothers from Boston. More information on the company, or the titles being produced, can be found at, or


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